Vape Shops Can’t Keep The Pax JUUL In Stock and Why E-cigarettes Rule

The modern electronic cigarette was invented in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik and has swept the world by storm. Some readers might recall the barrage of negative press that followed its introduction. The FDA warned that we didn’t know the long-term effects of the new product: but after a decade and a half, e-cigarettes only continue to rise in popularity.

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Finding the Right Dabbing Temperature and Getting the Best Banger For Your Buck

Hash has come a long way in recent decades, and dabbing continues to be at the forefront of cannabis concentrate, with new variations continuing to surprise consumers all the time. Key to enjoying the experience, however, is finding an optimal temperature to vaporize all of the delicious compounds without burning them to smithereens.

With so many different types of dabbable concentrates, and such a wide variety of new devices for their consumption on the market, finding the right approach can be confusing. We’ll try to sort through some of the chaos so you can get straight to finding the best concentrate for you, and the best way to consume it.

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Surprising Diseases Cured by Cannabis

For decades, healers, shamans, alternative practitioner and the like, have been prescribing cannabis to their patrons due to the well-known healing and restorative benefits. It hasn’t been until recent years that it has become more accepted in the mainstream medical fields today.

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