Erase Denver Pot Convictions

This was recently emailed to us from the City of Denver. We felt it was important to share and encourage everyone affected to take advantage of this program. -Russ


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The ABCs of CBD

Nationwide advocates of CBD rave about its benefits for a broad range of maladies, physical and psychological. For many afflicted with arthritis, epilepsy, anxiety or countless other ailments, CBD has been life-changing, and the benefits felt by users are heralded without any doubt. The success stories, coupled with a lack of side effects or propensity for addiction, have fueled countless users to adopt CBD in their own treatment regiment – and spread the craze to others still. Better yet, unlike THC-heavy products, pure CBD can be found at vape shops and head shops like 710Pipes. While CBD has been life-changing for many, and countless credible sources have conducted research in support of their claims, federal administrators have been slow to meet the public’s demand for research into cannabidiol’s efficacy. PubMed has published research affirming CBD’s role in alleviating the symptoms of more than fifty ailments. As the opioid epidemic rages across the nation, having a non-addictive, non-intoxicating alternative with a significant capacity for relief has been a godsend to users everywhere.

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The CBD Beverage Industry: We’ll Drink To That!

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Expo! Expo! Read All About It!

At the 2018 Natural Products Expo, which took place last March in Anaheim, California, the latest and most innovative trends in holistic health were showcased. There it became clear how quickly the cannabidiol craze is taking hold of the beverage industry. From CBD soda, coffee blends, matcha and tea, the public demand for CBD has not gone unnoticed, and beverage makers have answered their call. As marijuana restrictions slowly fade with every election, the market for consumable cannabinoids of any variety is rising. In fact, in 2017 alone, the legal weed industry raked in more than $9 BILLION dollars in revenue. Since recreational weed became legal in the state of California, those blazing-high profits have skyrocketed further still. Hemp-based CBD is far more accessible than THC – in fact, its consumption is now legal (for some or all users) in 47 U.S. States (sorry Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota). Better yet, for users near 710pipes’ Colfax or Northglenn locations, wide varieties of CBD products are available right now.

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CBD: Full Spectrum Vs Isolate

Cannabidiol, or CBD as it’s more commonly known, is just one of many naturally occurring compounds exclusive to both cannabis and hemp plants. The compound itself has shown beneficial to a staggering number of common maladies, and being a “unregulated” chemical, can be sold over the counter. Not surprisingly, a still-growing industry has amassed around the natural compound – inviting interest from industrialists, politicians, researchers and sick people alike.

But as interest in CBD has risen, so have debates in a topic getting more attention every year: what format of the product is best and just how should CBD be administered.

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3 Non-Cannabis Plants That “Grow Their Own”

Maybe you’ve heard of Cannabinoids by now: the collection of endogenous compounds that make Cannabis and Hemp such overwhelmingly useful plants for a range of physical and cognitive maladies. Perhaps you’ve even been versed in the Endocannabinoid System that synthesizes these compounds in mammalian bodies (dogs and humans, alike). But did you know that Cannabinoids can be found in a host of other vegetative plants? Although you might not want to stuff these daisies and shrubs into your bong or vaporizer (actually that’s a definite no, don’t smoke or vaporizer any of these), today’s article will shed light on some Non-Cannabis plants that have figured out that Cannabinoids are good all over the place.

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