Incense Across the Globe

What is Incense?

The word “incense” is derived from the Latin word “incendere,” meaning “to burn.” And for several millenniums of human history, we’ve done just that. “Incense” refers to a specific bound material which is burned to produce a number of rich fragrances, and not the fragrance itself. While our modern definition is rather narrow, many experts believe that other flavorful items like cedars, berries and roots have been burned throughout human history to produce the same effects. Like anything that’s withstood the test of time, the use of incense has evolved and improved over its many millenniums of history. Better yet, you can pick some up at 710Pipes’ Denver or Northglenn smoke shops and burn an homage to that rich history tonight. Below we’ll explore the most fascinating aspects of incense’s history and its uses across the globe.

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Buying a Scale

Business or Pleasure?
When you’re shopping for the perfect scale, there are several factors to consider. We’ll explain the most important aspects, and help you weigh the pros and cons of each. Many backgrounds lead cannabis lovers to the purchase of a scale. Whether you work in a Denver dispensary, you’re a regular shopper there looking for your money’s worth, or a cautious consumer working to abide by local carrying limits, it’s always good to get familiar with a quality scale. Everyday consumers and those working professionally in dispensaries will have a few distinctions in their needs. Whatever your story, we’ll review the top considerations for a quality scale below, and help you find exactly what you’re after next time you stop by our smoke shop. With proper use and a well-made instrument, you can rest assured of your scale’s precision so these worries won’t be weighing on your mind.

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Six Stellar Spots to Hit this 4/20

As you’re probably well-aware, Colorado’s favorite high holiday is fast approaching. It’s time to get ready and weigh your options for the best possible bashes in town. Thankfully, we’ve done your homework for you and found some of the sweetest spots to celebrate with the stoner community. Here are six spectacular events that you should consider hitting when the holiday rolls around.

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How to Store Your Stash

Not too hot…

Avoid storing cannabis near anything that gives off heat. Mold and mildew grow most quickly in warm temperatures – especially in the range of 77° to 86° F. Keeping your stash somewhere cooler than this will go a long way toward preventing this type of contamination.  High temperatures can also damage the chemical composition of marijuana, potentially damaging terpenes that developed over months of mindful care. You’ll get a harsh, hot hit of smoke if you dry out your supply and damage these essential oils. So keep it someplace cool, and your throat will thank you.

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