Marijuana and Flying: A Tale of Two Governments

Since the start of 2019, the United States had found itself in an unprecedented situation. More than half of the 50 states now allow some level of legal marijuana use. It’s a stoner’s paradise if there ever was one right? Well, not exactly. Take for instance the issue of flying. Or, more precisely, flying with marijuana. Let’s say you head to our lovely airport in Denver to grab a flight to LA for a weekend of fun in the sun. You’ve got the 1 ounce of cannabis that you’re allowed to carry according to Colorado law in your bag, along with rolling papers, glass pipes and other peripherals you picked up legally at your local head shop. And you’re flying to another state where recreational use of weed is also legally permitted. No problem, right? Wrong.

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Hemp Architecture for the Ages

Hemp: It’s Really Blowing Up These Days

Silk, engine fuel, cellophane and…dynamite! Surprisingly, all of these products can be derived from hemp, and arguably that’s just four examples of about 25,000 diverse commercial applications for the hemp plant. Frequenters of the blog (namely my mother) might be familiar with a 1936 article from Popular Mechanics that lauds the surprising prodigiousness of the hemp plant:

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