Heady Glass 101: An Essential Guide

710 Pipes carries a range of stunning and locally made heady glass. If you’re new to the head shop scene, or looking to better understand your options, review our expert guide to learn the essentials of heady glass.

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Five Top PuffCo Vaporizers and Accessories

PuffCo products are beloved by vape shop fans across the nation for so many reasons. Their durable, advanced and intuitive products feature the best settings in every essential aspect. 710 Pipes is proud to sell top-quality PuffCo products in our online head shop and our three Denver-area locations.

Learn more about a five popular PuffCo products below – or head to our online smoke shop to purchase your own right away.

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Twenty-Two More Clever Terms for Cannabis

In our last article, our head shop writers dove deep into every source on slang to explain thirty-four unique terms for cannabis. This week, we’re concluding our glossary of grass with explanations of twenty-two more entertaining terms.

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