Six Stunning Pop-Culture Pieces from 710 Pipes

Our local smoke shops carry thousands of glass options – from the simplest chillums to the decked-out dab rigs of your dreams. While many of our hand pipes, water pipes, hookahs and more stick to traditional formations, others push the boundaries into embodiments of all kinds of treasured symbols. From comic book icons to fearsome sea creatures, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to the talented pieces local glassblowers have brought our way. Get a taste of our latest treasures with these five unique glass pieces inspired by pop culture – all available for sale (along with hundreds more quality products) from 710 Pipes’ online smoke shop.

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Five Silicone Smoking Devices Under $100

Heady glass hand pipes and water pipes are revered for their exceptional beauty and intricate custom features. With stunning aesthetic appeal and extensive variation, there’s so much to appreciate about high-end heady glass. The biggest drawback to works of art like these is their relative breakability. After investing hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on the glass piece of your dreams, it’s only natural to want to use it all the time. However, a single drop can shatter your prized possession and render it totally useless. Don’t get us wrong – heady glass is worth every penny. However, if you’re not known for your steady hand or grace on your feet, you may welcome a break from the worries about breaking your device.

Silicone pipes and water pipes have many advantages – chief among these is their limitless durability. With simplistic builds and affordable prices, these pieces boast impressive quality and durability – holding their own among high-end alternatives in terms of quality, function and form. If you need a break from your daily worries, a break-proof hand pipe or water pipe could be exactly what you need.

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Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Types of Pipes, Vapes and Papers

Here at 710 Pipes, we offer every type of smoking product. With vaporizers, hand pipes and water pipes, rolling papers and much more, you’ll find everything you’re looking for at our Denver or Northglenn smoke shops and hundreds of our top products available for sale online.

Whether you’re a longtime smoke shop lover or you’re new to the scene, you’ve likely been curious about the various modes of consumption available for use. Walking into a smoke shop with thousands of options can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Thankfully, our seasoned industry experts have the intel on different types of glass pipes, wraps and vaporizers.

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How is Heady Glass Made?

If you’re a smoke shop regular, you’re likely to appreciate the art of well-crafted heady glass pieces. It’s impossible not to respect the intricacy and vision in exceptional glass pieces by talented glassblowers on the market today. When you’re marveling at the works of Denver legends like Hedman Headies, Mycomann, 2 Kind Glass and more, you may find yourself wondering exactly how these works of art are made. Today’s article takes a closer look at the process of heady glass creation with a step-by-step review of the standard glassblowing process.

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The Best Smart Rigs Of 2020

Puffco Peak | Focus V Carta | High Five Duo
Looking for a Smart Rig but don’t know where to start? No worries! We’ve compiled years of experience using and selling these devices to help you find the perfect Smart Rig for your needs. In this post, we’ll cover the Puffco Peak, the Focus V Carta, and the High Five Duo. The criteria we will be looking at are: Functionality, Accessories, Atomizer, Warranty, and Customer Feedback. Keep in mind, each of these rigs comes with it’s own ups and downs. Keep reading to see our results!

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This is text before Puffco Peak Pro $399.95 Puffco Peak Pro. Features bluetooth control, a new carb cap…

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