The wait is finally over

 710 Pipe 4XL is here! 

The 710 Pipe is the perfect option for anyone looking for a convenient easy to use vaporizer!  



Built In Silicone Stash


This 2 piece stash jar is fully removable from the      710 Pipe . Its a convenient way to store your oil.  

Magnetic Top Cap

mag cap.jpg

The magnetic top cap is for an easier and faster reloading time

Quad Quartz Coil


The 710 Pipe uses a quad quartz rod coil in a ceramic dish that can produce rig quality hits.


Adjustable Airflow


Just below the magnetic top cap is your airflow control ring. With this you are able to fine tune your personal vaping experience. 

Detachable Lanyard

Jump Ring.jpg

Lanyard with attached jump ring will allow you to easily keep track of your 710 Pipe.

Included In Box


* 710 Pipe 4XL   * 1 Dab Tool   * 1 Lanyard

* Silicon Stash  * 1 Replacement Coil 



Blinking light?

You probably just need a new coil!

Device is fully charged but no smoke?

5 clicks will turn the battery on and off again!