Fun Ways To Spend 4/20 At Home

It’s 4/20, head shop lovers! Don’t let social distancing ruin your fun. Here are a few of our best ideas for your favorite high holiday at home.

Watch Your Favorite Artists Over Livestream

Many events have been cancelled or indefinitely postponed to help limit the spread of coronavirus. Thankfully, our favorite artists’ creativity extends beyond their music. Some well-loved performers have taken to the internet to showcase their skills – and a few are headlining 4/20 virtually for our home-viewing pleasure.

Watch the Clouds in Your Backyard

As social distancing goes on, there’s no better time than the present to enjoy nature in the quiet of your own backyard. Lay out in the grass with best vaporizer, or a bowl of your favorite legal smoking herb, and watch the clouds roll by – whether or not they’re ones you made.

Bake and Get Baked

In the mood to mix things up, literally or metaphorically? Find a recipe for your favorite dessert with some special additions mixed in. Be sure to follow instructions carefully – blending your concoction well and eating it slowly are always a good rule of thumb.

Binge Watch a New Show

We all have something in our Netflix queue that we’ve just never gotten around to starting. Now’s your chance to light up, kick back and give it the ol’ college try (hungover in an extra-long-twin bunk bed).

Tired of watching alone? The Google Chrome extension “Netflix Party” lets you and your friends stream shows simultaneously. The tool includes the option to chat by voice and text while you watch – all without leaving your respective homes.

Rewatch your Favorite Movies

Have a favorite that you could recite from memory? Annoy your friends with film-specific trivia? Indulge your inner fan with a marathon of your favorites. There’s always time for stoner-specific cult classics. Even if we can’t make it to White Castle this month, we can always root for Harold and Kumar on their long, strange trip.

Lose Yourself in a Novel

As a writer, I may admittedly be biased in my perception of reading as a fun way to spend the day. With the outside world on standby and an ongoing pandemic, it’s hard not to feel anxiety over what’s coming next. Why not lose yourself in a world of fiction with a new set of twists and turns? Find joy in the uncertainty and drama of a fictional reality with zero implications for your real life.

Actually Work Out

Somehow life is always too hectic to find time for things we don’t really want to do. Today could be the day that we toss those excuses aside and finally do some push-ups. If it’s as terrible as it sounds, at least you’ve earned the right to humble-brag for the rest of the week.

Indulge Your Inner Artist

We all have the potential for immense creativity, whether or not it’s realized. If you’re smoking a bowl for the holiday, you may as well paint one too. Or hammer one into pieces and glue them together as a mosaic. Does it get any better than pulverizing pottery in the name of artistic vision?

Play Some Music

Close your eyes and truly connect with your favorite playlist – or use it as a backdrop to the activities of your choice. If you’re feeling generous, or you enjoy the taste of your quarantined family, feel free to share the reins.

…or Make Your Own Music

If you’re skilled enough to play an instrument well, spend your day immersed in your craft and please the ears of those around you. If you don’t yet play an instrument, but you have one in your home, now’s the perfect time to give it a try (pleasing to the ears or not).

Take a Bubble Bath

Men, if notions of masculinity preclude you from the utter tranquility of a candlelit bath, it’s just shy of a modern tragedy. Grab a toy boat to assuage your hang-ups. A hot bath with Epsom salt, bubble bath, and your favorite playlist is the perfect complement to your legal herb of choice.

Cut Your Bangs

There might be a tiny voice inside of you screaming for you to chop off your grown-out bangs, growing louder and increasingly tougher to ignore as the isolated hours tick by. You may remember that voice from the days that followed your last bad breakup. My two cents? Keep the grown-up scissors away from that instability-induced form of your identity. She’s not a true friend, even if she means well. If you’re lucky enough to be quarantined with someone who has hair-cutting skills, go for it. The bravest among us will go for it solo regardless of our skillset – and if that’s you, I wholeheartedly wish you luck.

Walk Away

Going a little stir-crazy after too many weeks indoors? As long as you’re following the latest C.D.C.-recommended distancing policies, amble down the freshly-empty streets. If you have a dog, bring them along – the enthusiastic company alone makes it worthwhile.

Happy 4/20, Smoke Shop Fans!

All of us at 710Pipes wish you a wonderful 4/20. Our online smoke shop selection includes all of the products you need, including Puff Bar and other vaporizers, water pipes, hat pins and so much more! Explore our site to find your favorite products and order your own today.