Top Eight Reasons to Switch to Vaping

Woman facing away from camera and exhaling vaporizer cloud

Vaporizers debuted on the market in 2003 and have gradually increased in popularity since their introduction. Today, vaporizers have become a popular commodity throughout the nation and abroad. Millions of former cigarette smokers have made the switch to vaporizer devices, citing a variety of reasons for their change. However, when asked about the favorite attributes that vape pens have to offer, a few popular selling points emerge. Today’s article brings you the eight biggest reasons to consider making the switch from cigarettes to vaporizers yourself.

#1: The Nose Knows

There’s no denying the distinct, lingering stench cigarettes can leave – contaminating your fingers, breath, clothes and more. Vaporizer juice comes in dozens of varieties, and for the same amount of nicotine, vapes leave only a fragrant (and often fruity) cloud in their wake. If you’re sick of that cigarette smell, vapes may be a sweet alternative.

#2: Better Teeth

Cigarettes have been proven (in labs and anecdotally) to do a number on the teeth and breath of frequent smokers. Thankfully, most e-liquid options contain less chemicals than traditional tobacco cigarettes. Vaporizers also don’t contain tar – the primary cause of yellowing teeth for frequent smokers. Whiter teeth? Now there’s something to smile about!

#3: How Much Nicotine? It’s Up To You.

Quitting cigarettes is no easy feat. In fact, the American Heart Association has claimed that giving up cigarettes is as difficult as quitting cocaine or heroin. eLiquids with a wide variety of nicotine levels are available for purchase at your favorite vape shop. Some eJuices contain no nicotine at all, while others contain a little (3 to 6 milligrams) or a lot (18 to 24 milligrams). The adjustable dosing available for vaporizer users lets smokers gradually reduce their nicotine intake. Many former smokers have found the gradual reduction of nicotine consumption to be an easier and more effective approach to quitting cigarettes than just dropping the habit cold turkey.

#4: Save That Money

Over time, frequent smokers spend thousands of dollars on cigarettes. Investing in a quality vaporizer is a great way for smokers to cut costs long-term. Beyond the original cost of a durable vape model, users only need to purchase eJuice and replacement coils periodically. Most eLiquid options are significantly less expensive than the equivalent amount of cigarettes.

#5: A Taste for Every Taste

When it comes to the flavor of your vaporizer juice, the sky really is the limit. eJuice comes in dozens of delicious options, derived from countless well-loved flavors like chocolate, strawberry, bubblegum and mint. If you truly prefer the taste and scent of tobacco or the smell of menthol in the morning, vape juices can accommodate that, too. While cigarette brands vary slightly in their taste and scent, vaporizers truly offer an unmatched variety. There’s bound to be a perfect eJuice flavor for each and every user’s preference.

#6: No Need To Step Outside

Every seasoned smoker knows the burden of bundling up for a cigarette break in the frigid winds of winter. Unless your friends, boss, or landlord are cool with a lingering cigarette smell on their furniture and walls, you’re likely stuck stepping outside every time you need to smoke. Vaporizers are permitted for use in most bars and clubs, as they’re not a fire risk (when used correctly) and don’t contain offensive or lingering odors. Legal adults can finally stay warm (or cool) indoors with a quality vaporizer, and puff away without breaking any laws or leases.

#7: No Mess, No Stress

With every cigarette comes the risk of an irritating mess, as frequent smokers know all too well. It’s easy for ash to accumulate on our shirts, furniture, or floors – and even the walls of those who smoke indoors. While vacuuming and sweeping can help to keep the dusty residue at bay, avoiding the mess altogether is a much easier alternative. Vaporizers give us that luxury, as vape pens don’t leave ash or other lasting residue on surrounding surfaces. Worst case scenario, your vape juice will drip from the device or spill when it’s time for a refill. While these issues may occur from time to time, they’re generally pretty infrequent – and definitely shouldn’t happen every time you use your vape. In other words, the overall cleanup time required to use vaporizers is significantly less than that of cigarettes.

#8: Do It For Your Mother (Earth)!

Cigarettes are routinely tossed to the ground once they’re finished. From there, cigarette butts clog drains, contaminate rivers and litter public streets. Put simply – cigarettes are far from eco-friendly. Vaporizers offer a refreshing alternative as they contain no physical residue – simply turn the device off after each use, with no butts to toss aside. Some vaporizers are even recyclable like the bestselling disposable Puff Bars. Best of all, vaporizer clouds are free of carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke, helping to reduce needless damage to the Earth’s ozone layer. Vaporizers are the environmentally conscious choice – no ifs, ands or butts about it.

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