Five Top Cities for Cannabis Culture Tourism

Volkswagon van driving down dusty road at sunset on road trip toward popular cannabis culture destination

It’s no secret that the legal status of cannabis and CBD vary significantly from state to state. Colorado was the first to allow the possession of cannabis for adults above age 21, and establish a regulatory structure for the sale of recreational weed. Today, thirty-three states allow cannabis for medical use with a valid MMJ card. A third of those have also legalized the possession of cannabis for recreational adult use – with ten more states following Colorado’s lead in the past twelve years.

Still, the slow road to legalization isn’t without its downsides. Many adult fans of cannabis flocked to states which allow the recreational sale (and use) of the plant. This increased demand seemingly contributed to cost of living increases in areas with freshly legalized cannabis, much to the dismay of longtime locals and anyone without unlimited cash. Traffic rates have also risen in Denver, as we’re painfully aware, which isn’t unusual with the spike in population.

Given these drawbacks, some social stoners have opted to stay put in states without legal recreational weed. Without year-round access to legal cannabis, many have compromised for the next best thing: seizing the stoner culture on vacations to cities and states with more liberal laws.

Hitting the Road Before Hitting the Pipe

Coronavirus has understandably halted our opportunities to safely travel, and delayed the plans of citizens nationwide. Vacation days were already finite for most of us before the worldwide pandemic took hold. After extended stays indoors to slow the spread of COVID-19, when we’re able to travel safely again, it’ll be especially crucial to make that well-earned vacation worthwhile. Those seeking a cannabis-destination trip will have limited windows to embrace the pipe-shop-lover lifestyle, so its essential to pick the optimal location. This brings a major question to light: which American cities are bringing the very best of cannabis culture?

After exploring recommendations from legal users nationwide, we’ve found a few clear frontrunners. Here’s our head shop’s take on which cities rank most highly for getting high.

Los Angeles, California

L.A. is infamously pricey to live in, but the city features a wide range of of cannabis culture hot spots – with something for the unique tastes of every toking tourist. The Cannabis Supper Club offers unique infused cuisine for customers of legal age. The Original Cannabis Café broke ground last year as the pioneering West Hollywood toke patio. You can even explore a glass-blowing factory with Tommy Chong himself thanks to Los Angeles’ guided Green Tours. With these opportunities and countless more, L.A. has plenty to offer as a cannabis culture destination.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicagoans embraced cannabis legalization with impressive gusto. Dispensary lines have been out the door throughout business hours for months at a time, with no end to that level of demand in sight. The Annoyance Theater’s beloved “Let’s Be Blunt” show is just one guaranteed hit. Chicago’s Lagunitas Taproom offers live music and one-of-a-kind infused brews. Last but not least, the Emporium Arcade is sure to satisfy grown-up kids of all ages.

Boulder, Colorado

Looking to land a little closer to Denver? Boulder’s a classic cultural cannabis destination for locals and long-distance travelers alike. If you just want to unwind, considercannabis-infused massagesor instructor-led sessions ofGanja Yoga. If you’d rather explore, you can’t go wrong perusing the historic shops of Pearl Street or joining one of Karing Kind’s epic Weed Tours.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s well-known for its grunge scene, endless rain and top-quality coffee. But cannabis has long prevailed as an integral component of the Seattle culture and economy. In fact, Washington followed closely behind Colorado as the second state to legalize recreational cannabis for adult users. The city’s annual Hempfest draws crowds by the thousands every August. While COVID-19’s social distancing standards will almost certainly delay the August 2020 bash, keep it in mind for when we’re in the clear again. Whether you’re living in Seattle or just stopping in, comedy and music venues like Neumos or the Showbox feature exceptional talent at any time of year.

Washington D.C.

Regardless of your feelings on current events in Washington, cannabis culture in the nation’s capitol undeniably holds its own. Art lovers can’t miss Glenstone, an indoor-outdoor museum showcasing exceptional pieces ranging from the provocative to the bizzare. If you’d rather get a little spaced out, the IMAX 3D options at the National Air and Space Museum can immerse you in the feeling of flight without ever leaving the ground.

Far or Near, Our Head Shop’s Here!

Please stay safe until the end of coronavirus, head shop lovers – and keep these dream destinations close at hand for the days when we can safely explore.

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