Twenty-Two More Clever Terms for Cannabis

Small, green cannabis leaf icons forming the term "420"

In our last article, our head shop writers dove deep into every source on slang to explain thirty-four unique terms for cannabis. This week, we’re concluding our glossary of grass with explanations of twenty-two more entertaining terms.

The Glossary of Grass (Continued)

  1. MARY JANE – This popular phrase is a play on the word “marijuana.” As a feminized nickname for the plant, the phrase is used to reference cannabis in popular culture in a romanticized, personified way. For instance, Tom Petty’s “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” and Rick James’ “Mary Jane” speak affectionately about “Mary Jane” to reference their love of cannabis.
  2. MIDS – A term for cannabis that isn’t especially great or terrible – in other words, “mid-grade.” Mids generally have less impact and longevity than top-shelf cannabis. However, anyone looking to save money at a dispensary can opt for mids, as they generally cost less than the highest quality options.
  3. MOTA – This Spanish terminology directly translates to “speck” or “mote.” The word indicates a very small supply of cannabis.
  4. MUGGLE – Think the word “muggle” originated in the world of Hogwarts? Think again. “Muggle” was used as a word for cannabis for decades prior. In fact, the term “muggle-head” has been used as a derogatory reference to cannabis smokers since the 1920s.
  5. NIXON – This tongue-in-cheek, once popular term refers to low-quality bud passed off as superior in quality. Those who bought into the lofty appeal of Nixon are usually left feeling conned and disappointed.
  6. NUG – This abbreviated form of “nugget” refers to any of a cannabis plant’s dried buds. The genetic composition of cannabis varies significantly by plant, and as such, their nugs differ quite a bit in size.
  7. PAKOLOLO – The Hawaiian word for cannabis is Pakalolo, which made its way into the English language around the start of World War II before losing traction in later years. Former President Barack Obama’s biography references his love of pakalolo as a young adult – bringing the term back into our mainstream lexicon.
  8. POT – Regardless of your feelings on cannabis, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the term “pot.” You may not have known that it originated as a shorted form of “potiguaya” – the Spanish word for the leaves of a cannabis plant.
  9. PURPS – Cannabis flower buds with purple coloration are sometimes referred to as “purps.”
  10. RAINY DAY WOMAN – The Bob Dylan song “Rainy Day Woman” implies that he turns to Mary Jane for comfort from the coldness of the world. As such, “rainy day woman” is sometimes used as a clever term for cannabis.
  11. REEFER – Some have suggested that “reefer” originated from “grifa,” a Spanish word for cannabis. The term gained popularity after the fear-mongering 1936 propaganda film “Reefer Madness,” which has earned a legendary status in the cannabis community for its comically ridiculous premise and claims.
  12. SENSIMILLA – This word, meaning “seedless,” refers to the life cycle in which adult cannabis plants haven’t been fertilized – generally considered to be the optimal stage by growers. “Sensimilla” is typically used to reference top-quality buds.
  13. STICKY ICKY – This term for cannabis took hold in November of ’99 with the release of two hip-hop songs. E-40 officially coined the phrase with “Do What You Know Good,” and Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg cemented the term with their instant hit “Still D-R-E.” The phrase “sticky icky” is thought to reference the physical attributes of top-quality, trichome-dense cannabis strains.
  14. STOGIE – “Stogie” can refer to a cigar or an oversized joint.
  15. SUNGROWN – Sungrown cannabis strains are often referred to simply as “sungrown.” Sungrown strains often have less THC but just as many cannabinoids as those grown indoors and/or with speciality lights.
  16. TEA – In the 1940s, talk of cannabis required careful codes, so many fans of the plant would refer to it as “tea.” In today’s much more accepting culture, teas with infused cannabis abound.
  17. THE GOOD – This shortened form of “the good stuff” refers to top-quality cannabis.
  18. THIRTEEN – Don’t overthink this term: “marijuana” starts with “M,” the thirteenth letter of the American alphabet, leading some to call cannabis by the name “thirteen.”
  19. TREE – Since cannabis leaves arguably look like tiny trees, the word “tree” is sometimes used as a term for cannabis.
  20. WACKY TOBACKY – The comical “reefer madness” paranoia and related propoganda films spurned the phrase “wacky tobacky” in the 1950s. Some smoke shop fans jokingly use the phrase today.
  21. WEED – Since some strains of cannabis can grow “like a weed” in virtually any habitat and conditions, the term “weed” grew just as quickly in popularity.
  22. YERBA – Generic slang for cannabis in Spanish-speaking nations. This phrase for cannabis shouldn’t be confused with Yerba Mate – a popular caffeinated tea predominantly grown in South America.

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