Seven Water Pipe Styles and Their Biggest Advantages

Heady glass recycler bong sold by 710 Pipes online smoke shop in gloved hand against red background

Beaker Water Pipe

This style of water pipe, commonly known as the “beaker bong,” is named for its resemblance to the essential laboratory tool. Beaker bongs traditionally have wide bases. This means that they’re able to generate quite a bit of smoke – more than those with more narrow structures. This structure also makes them harder to knock over, meaning they’re an excellent choice to leave on your coffee table without worrying too much about breaks from the slightest bump. If structural stability is a major selling point for you, round base bongs with other shapes may be another good choice to consider.


Bubblers are a little larger than the average glass hand pipe, so they’re more portable than larger water pipe varieties. This makes them a happy medium between bongs and hand pipes for those seeking portability and reduced storage space of a hand pipe without sacrificing the smoother hits of a bong.

Faberge Egg Water Pipe

Are you familiar with the decorative jewel-lined eggs lining the mantles and shelves of many a grandparent? Or is that just me? Regardless, ornate jeweled Faberge eggs were once a staple of Russian culture, and they collide with stoner culture in this namesake water pipe style. Faberge egg bongs usually have a notorious egg-shaped percolator – and sometimes, their overall structure is shaped like an egg. Faberge egg bongs work well alongside other percolators, which gives the bubbles more space and gives users extra smooth hits.

Percolator Water Pipe

These bongs usually have two or more percolators, setting them apart in appearance from more simplistic water pipe designs. These pieces have multiple slits within each percolator, which helps to effectively diffuse smoke with every hit. Another advantage of percolator bongs is their transparency. With scientific glass used for almost every percolator water pipe, smokers can watch as the smoke builds inside, which is beneficial for gauging the size of your hit and enjoyable from a purely aesthetic stance.

Recycler Water Pipe

The one-of-a-kind style of recycler bongs include multiple chambers – processing each hit through a percolator and a larger water chamber before it reaches your lungs. Many recyclers are built with one chamber inside of another. These features maximize the smoothness of every hit with an economical use of space.

Straight Tube Water Pipe

If asked to close your eyes and picture a bong, I’d bet that straight tube bongs would come to mind for most of us. These pieces are arguably the most traditional water pipe option. These pieces use downstems submerged in water to effectively filter smoke. They also clear more quickly than other options given their simple and direct pathway from your herb to their mouthpiece. While options with a little extra distance may make your hits a bit more smooth, these pieces offer impressive efficiency and serious impact with every hit – plus, their combination of downstems and water filtration still allow for much smoother hits than hand pipes.

Zig Zag Water Pipe

These are a popular choice for novice smokers and smoke shop regulars alike. For starters, zig zag bongs have an interesting and visually appealing form. As their name suggests, zig zag bongs have a structure with at least one sharp curve. Some pieces in this category have a single bend in their neck, while others are shaped more complexly. This design isn’t used for its visual appeal alone – the curve(s) in zig zag bongs prevent water from migrating upward from the piece’s base to users’ mouths. By lengthening the pathway from your herb, zig zag bongs also offer impressively smooth hits as compared to many heady glass alternatives with straighter structures.

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