Dry Herb Vaping for Beginners: A Short Guide

Woman holding vaporizer exhales vape cloud

If vaping is new to you and you have questions about vaporizers or dry herb vaping then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to go over the specifics of what a dry herb vaporizer is, how it works and its many benefits. Read this before you go searching for a “vape shop near me”.

How a Dry Herb Vaporizer Works

Before we get into the reasons why people choose dry herb vaping we should take a quick look at the device itself. The dry herb vaporizer is typically a palm-size device that contains all the necessary electronics within a handsome outer casing. On the outside of that casing are the control buttons which include the on/off button and sometimes a voltage regulator. There’s also a mouthpiece that can be removed to clean or to replace with another.

Inside is the “oven” where you place the desired amount of your dry herb. After you fill the oven you close the device and click “on”. A battery inside sends a current through a coil which heats to about 400 F. The vaporizer coil heats up the chamber holding the dry herb which atomizes it, creating a vapor cloud that contains the psychoactive compounds. You then breathe in this vapor and, voila!

The Many Benefits of Dry Herb Vaping

It’s important for beginners to know that they have a variety of options when it comes to their cannabis practice. A visit to the local vape shop will confirm this. Dry herb vaping is one of the most attractive methods of herb consumption for many people these days due to its multitude of benefits, including:

  • Discretion – While weed has now been legalized or decriminalized in 46 out of 50 states the laws governing possession and use are still a confusing hodge-podge in many places. Therefore, discretion is always desirable. Because they don’t produce smoke or that distinctive herb aroma, dry herb vaporizers are one of the most discreet ways of getting your buzz on without attracting the attention of weed prudes or hysterical anti-smoking zealots.
  • Affordability – Back in the 70s your parents or grandparents could purchase an ounce of decent weed for 20 bucks. Today, that same ounce is more likely to run you $200 or $300. A dry herb vaporizer enables you to get the most out of every oven-full. Not as much goes to waste as when you’re rolling joints or smoking from a glass pipe.
  • Enhanced taste – When you spark up a bowl or joint much of the flavor of the weed is going to be lost to the heat and harshness that comes with burning. Dry herb vaping, by contrast, does not include fire so there’s no burnt taste left in your mouth and the overall experience is cooler and much more flavorful.
  • Portability – Bongs are a great way to enjoy your weed, but trying to get them from your house to your buddy’s house, or the music festival, or the campground can be a pain in the ass. Dry herb vaporizers by contrast will fit neatly into your purse or the pocket of your jacket. Because it doesn’t produce any smoke you can whip it out wherever you happen to be, get your buzz on, slip it back in your pocket and ramble on.
  • It’s great for seniors – As shocking as it may be to contemplate, many of today’s seniors have been smoking herb since way before you were born. Even ones who didn’t start smoking herb early in life are using it now because it helps with their glaucoma, arthritis or insomnia. Most of them, however, want nothing to do with actually inhaling huge clouds of smoke from joints or bongs. So they stop by our vape shop in Denver and purchase themselves a nice dry herb vaporizer.

Different Types of Vaporizers

Another benefit of dry herb vaping is that you have so many different vaporizer types to choose from, including…

  • Portable units – Portable units are by far the most popular type of dry herb vaping device for the reasons we discussed above. They go with you wherever you go while enabling you to maintain a high degree of discretion.
  • Desktop units – If you’re into partying and you want to provide guests with an alternative to the bong a desktop vaporizer is a good choice. They typically have much larger ovens than portable units and they plug directly into the wall, saving you money on batteries.
  • Conduction, convection and hybrid models – Conduction units put the heat source in the oven with the herb. Convection units remove the heat source from the oven and only heat the air. While hybrid models preheat the herb directly at low temps and then indirectly apply a higher temp.

The Bottom Line

Dry herb vaping is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons, and if you are new to cannabis culture or just new to the idea of dry vaping herb you owe it to yourself to look into it. One reason for its increasing popularity that we didn’t mention above is that many states now allow their citizens to grow limited amounts of their own herb. As a result, these subsistence cannabis farmers are looking for the best way to get the most out of their harvests and dry herb vaporizers provide that. Stop into either one of our Denver locations to check out our whole line of dry herb vaping devices.