New Dry Herb Vaporizer? Here’s How to Use It

There’s no shortage of dry herb vaporizers on the market today. If you stop by our Denver or Northglenn head shop locations, or browse our online smoke shop‘s selection, you’ll find top-quality models from Pax, Storz and Bickel, Dr. Dabber and other leading brands. With such a wide range of vaporizers available for sale, you can easily find the perfect option for your unique preferences on size, shape, heat settings and more. While the selection of dry herb vaporizers is extensive, most devices are strikingly similar in the way they function. If you’re new to the smoke shop scene – or just to this method of consuming your favorite herb – follow these steps to properly load and enjoy your dry herb vaporizer.

Step One: Prep the Herb

Before you can start using your dry herb vaporizer, it’s crucial to prep your herb correctly. If the leaves are too crumbly or if they’re damp, you’re likely to have a bad time, so try to find some flower that’s not too wet or dry. Next, shred your herb thoroughly with a clean grinder. If you’re still using your hands to shred your stash, do yourself a favor and invest in a good grinder ASAP (our guide to the many perks of grinders explains the reasons why you should).

Step Two: Load Your Vaporizer

Check to confirm that your dry herb vaporizer is fully dry and completely charged. If so, remove the cover from your vaporizer’s chamber, then fill the chamber – completely, if possible – with your freshly-ground herb. Conduction-style vape devices should be packed tightly, while convection-style models do best when packed more loosely.

Step Three: Heat Things Up

After you’ve finished packing your device’s chamber, turn the vaporizer on and choose your desired temperature. More simplistic dry herb vaporizer options generally have a few pre-set options to choose from, while many desktop vaporizers let you choose a specific temperature within a range of several hundred degrees Fehrenheit. We’d recommend settling somewhere between 360 degrees and 420 degrees for the optimal experience – steer clear of anything above 430 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid combustion.

Step Four: Enjoy!

Once your vaporizer has finished heating to your ideal temperature, it’s time to take a hit! Start by inhaling gently from the device’s mouthpiece. There’s no need to overdo it with deep breaths – inhaling and exhaling as normally as possible can prevent you from tiring your lungs, extending your stamina and the length of your session. It’s a marathon, not a sprint! One final word of advice – it’s easiest to clean out residue from your vaporizer before it cools and hardens, so cleaning your device sooner than later will save you some effort. Not in the mood? No judgements here – kick back and enjoy!

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