How To Pick The Best Grinder

Picture this: You’re browsing our Online Smoke Shop, looking for a new grinder. With all of the options available, which do you choose? Should you go all out for a Santa Cruz Shredder? Maybe just a $5 acrylic grinder? What size do you need? Read on and rest easy. We’ve done the research, and are here to provide you with all of the knowledge you need to pick your 1st (or last) grinder!

How To Pick A Grinder

The first question to ask yourself when buying a grinder usually boils down to “How much do I smoke?” The size and type of grinder you need depends on the amount of herb you’ll be putting through it. Daily smoker? Grab a larger size with more durable teeth. Casual toker? Go for something a bit simpler.


The Best vs. The Rest

The best grinders on the market are usually manufactured out of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum. These grinders have carefully machined teeth and herb slots for the best grind consistency possible, coupled with the smoothest threads possible for minimal friction and build-up.

Even more expensive grinders come in a variety of sizes, depending on the amount the user consumes. Santa Cruz Shredders, for example, come in 4 main sizes and 2 configurations– 3-piece or 4-piece. Less expensive and more common grinders come in acrylic, wood, or other materials, and are usually sold in a 2-piece configuration.


Grinder Material & Construction

The materials grinders are made out of can make a big difference! High quality grinders utilize Aircraft-Grade Aluminum for the most durable and lightweight construction possible, but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with a cheapie! Acrylic grinders work just fine, and have been a staple for years. Santa Cruz Shredders has recently stepped up the game and released a hemp-plastic version of the classic acrylic 2-piece grinder for a more eco-friendly approach, as well as a 4-piece!

The Verdict

No matter what type of smoker you are, there is a grinder out there for you! Make sure to check out the Grinders page in our Online Smoke Shop to shop our selection! You can also visit our stores in person in Northglenn, and in Denver on Colfax and Evans! 710 Pipes is proud to offer a wide selection of heady glass, grinders, imported water pipes and hand pipes, dab rigs and more!