The Denver Flavor Ban: What You Need To know

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After years of advocacy by City Council Members and large organizations such as the American Heart Association, Denver City Council Members are now pushing for a ban on the sale of Flavored Nicotine Products, joining other cities around Colorado, like Aspen and Boulder. What comes next?

The Denver Flavor Ban

**UPDATED 10/07/21**

Flavored nicotine products such as flavored cigarillos, electronic cigarettes and disposable vapes have been the target of many organizations in the fight against underaged nicotine use for years, and it’s finally caught up to a few municipalities in Colorado. Glenwood Springs, Aspen, and Boulder have already placed similar bans on flavored nicotine products into effect. These bans are said to curb the use of nicotine products by underaged consumers, but come with resistance from local vape and smoke shop owners. Owners of Denver vape and smoke shops have long pushed back on these ordinances, pointing to harm reduction in adults who prefer non-tobacco flavors to distance themselves from cigarette use. Denver City Council Members and a number of organizations have countered with the rise in teen vaping, along with the association of candy and fruit flavored e-liquids with underaged use. This back-and-forth has gone on for years, but seems to have finally come to a head in Denver, Colorado.

Measures against teen vaping have steadily been growing throughout the years, with Denver adopting a 21 year age restriction for the purchase of nicotine products, with federal regulations of the same nature following later that year. The Denver flavor ban would act as a blanket regulation on all nicotine products containing a flavor other than tobacco. This includes flavored nicotine e-liquid, flavored cigarillos, and menthol products.

Other states around the US have considered, and sometimes implemented, similar flavor bans and age restrictions to what Denver, CO is considering. States such as Indiana, Maryland, New Mexico, Texas, New York, Vermont, and Connecticut have already placed similar flavored nicotine product bans into place.

So.. Is there a Flavor Ban in Denver?

We’ll be updating this article as soon as new information becomes available. Check back for more! Be sure to visit our online smoke shop in the meantime! We carry a wide variety of Denver’s best heady glass, import glass, heady glass, vape products and more! We have locations conveniently located in Denver and Northglenn, Colorado!

UPDATE 10/07/2021

The Denver City Council met to discuss a measure to ban flavored nicotine products, such as vape juice, disposable vapes, and flavored cigarillos yesterday- Wednesday, October 06, 2021. So, what did they decide? Will there really be a flavor ban in Denver?

As it turns out… nothing. The Denver City Council Members voiced their opinions, and heard from others. Mainly, Denver Smoked Shop owners, opponents of Youth Vaping, and vapers alike. To many opponents of Flavored Nicotine products, such as flavored e liquids and disposable vapes, call to the “Teen Vaping Epidemic” and curbing teen nicotine use with a Flavor Ban. Others point to flavored nicotine products, namely electronic cigarettes and disposable vapes, as cessation devices for adults to stop smoking cigarettes.

Council Members Debbie Ortega and Amanda Sawyer have been prominent voices in support of the bill, pointing to studies of youth declines in nicotine use after the 2009 national ban on flavored cigarettes. Meanwhile, smoke shop owners and vapers alike point to studies done in San Francisco, which can show that flavor bans can have the opposite effect- turning youth vapers into cigarette smokers.

The next discussion will be held on October 27, 2021. Until then, make sure to visit our locations in Denver and Northglenn for all of your vaping needs!

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