Seven Recent Vaping Technology Advancements

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Here in the 21st century, technological change happens at breakneck speed. As soon as we figure out this or that device the technology is either upgraded or replaced entirely by some new technology (think of how streaming services killed DVD rentals). Vaping technology is no different. It seems just about every year now there is some new piece of vaping kit that takes center stage, making the practice more convenient and effective. In this post, the team at the 710 Pipes vape shop in Denver will look at recent advances in vaping technology.

Our Vape Shop Pros Discuss Advances in Vaping Tech

Every day our homes get smarter, our cars get more complex and our phones come closer to taking our place in the space-time continuum. The only constant these days is constant change. The vaping industry was built on high-tech innovation and so it’s no surprise the vaping technology would also be changing at breakneck speed. Below are some of the vaping advances that have just arrived or that we expect to continue in the near future.

Better Vaporizer Batteries

Battery technology is one area that has been advancing by leaps and bounds in recent years and the power pack revolution shows no signs of abating. In 2022 people are losing patience with charging. They own so many things now that need to be charged that they’ve lost the capacity to sit and wait for the charging to complete. They want fast charging and they want it now. Vape manufacturers are increasingly committed to giving it to them via USB-C quick charging of high-capacity batteries.

Disposable Vape Kits

We’ll put our environmental objections on hold for a few minutes while we discuss the rising tide of disposable vape pens overtaking the shelves at your favorite vape shop. Disposables are all about 1 thing and 1 thing only: convenience. You pick one up for a song and a dance and when you’ve had your way with it you dispose of it. Come to think of it, that’s a pretty Viking attitude. But again, we digress.

We’ve already seen disposable vapes rise to a level of prominence and we don’t see anything on the horizon stopping them from becoming #1 sellers in Denver and beyond. And why not? They’re cheap, they’re effective and you don’t have to carry them around with you once you’ve enjoyed the spoils within. They’re also discreet and super simple to use.

Integrated Vape Batteries

Batteries built right into the vaping device is another trend whose time has come. People are apparently tired of changing and disposing of batteries all the time and are ready to embrace the rechargeable vape device. That’s good because the fewer batteries that wind up in landfills the better for planet earth. It’s also good because by integrating the battery into the device manufacturers are able to save space and make a more compact vape. Granted, integrated batteries are not entirely new. What’s new is the quality of those integrated vape batteries along with their uber-lightweight and increasingly compact nature.

The Rise of the Plastic Vape Pod

It’s beginning to look like the venerable 510 tanks has finally seen its day. Recently manufacturers have begun shifting to plastic pods, and the trend is not limited to compact vapes. We’re also seeing plenty of large vaporizers being fitted with the new plastic pods as well. We don’t see any reason why this trend won’t continue or even accelerate in the year ahead. So if you’re a fan of the 510 or a vape device collector now would seem to be the time to set aside whatever 510 vape device you want to add to your permanent collection.

New Heating Technologies

The shift to AST has been underway for a year or so. AST, or “all-time stable technology”, is the latest coil technology from the Chinese company Joyetech and is reputed to provide greater control over coil temperatures, making for a more efficient and satisfying experience. AST coils are also said to be longer lasting than current coils, although only time will tell how much longer. This is another trend we see accelerating over the coming year until, of course, a better type of heating technology comes along to replace it.

Increased Portability

It’s inevitable. As a particular technology advances, it gets smaller and smaller. Vapes are no exception to that rule. Recent advances in coil design, battery technology, and the continuing miniaturization of other electronic components are creating more compact, more discreet vaping devices. Given the current unjustified hysteria aimed at vapers by the anti-vaping crowd, anything that enables you to enjoy your favorite pastime more discreetly can only be a good thing.

Increased Affordability

With the cost of everything going through the roof over the past year any good news on the pricing front should be welcomed. This trend toward greater affordability really started before the lockdown/hyperinflation phenomenon set in, and it was accelerating until recently when supply chain issues, rising labor costs, and more called a temporary halt to the downward pricing pressure. But here at the vape shop, we’re confident that this pause is only temporary. Expect to see lower prices in 2023, especially on disposables.

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