What Are the Benefits of Bigger Bongs?

Large glass bong by C2 Creations in hand of Northglenn, CO smoke shop owner

It’s the age-old question no one seems to have a definitive answer to: is bigger better? It’s a question heard in bedrooms and boardrooms the world over and one that can apply to anything from anatomy to cars to homes and even bongs. Because bongs come in so many different sizes these days it’s something you have to consider when purchasing a new one. But before you can decide if a bigger bong is right for you, you need to understand the potential benefits of having one. So in this post, the team at Denver’s premier headshop will list and discuss those benefits.

Five Benefits of a Bigger Bong

Every type of bong has its advantages. That includes compact heady glass and tabletop-size water pipes. In this post, we’re going to list the advantages of having a big bong so that you can decide if that’s something you want to invest in. Hopefully, by the time you’re finished reading, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Benefit #1: Bigger hits

Even a relatively small bong is going to produce a bigger hit than you’ll ever get from a joint. But a big bong, with a big bowl (very important), is going to produce the type of monster hits that will bypass the giggles and go straight to “mind expansion”, provided of course you’re smoking quality weed. Therefore if your goal is to explore new levels of consciousness you may want to invest in a large bong. If you’re happy with the type of moderate buzz produced by your current small-to-mid-sized bong there’s probably no need to scale up.

Benefit #2: Smoother hits

We’ve all seen people have coughing fits because they took a monster hit off an average size bong with a small tank. They inhale with all their might, sizzling through every last grain in the bowl, only to wind up hacking away for several minutes because the hit was just too harsh. With a bigger bong that gnarly fate does not have to be yours. A bigger bong means more water in the tank to filter out impurities and produce smoother hits that are easier on your windpipe.

Benefit #3: Easier cleaning

Small bongs travel easier than large ones and might also prevent you from burning through your expensive herb quicker than you should. But have you ever tried cleaning a tiny bong? They’re a nightmare. Yet clean them you must. Because if you don’t your bong water will become a seething cesspool of bacteria, fungi, and ashes that it removed from earlier hits. A big bong provides easy access to all areas and makes bong cleaning a breeze.

Benefit #4: They’re easier to customize

True bong aficionados enjoy customizing their prized pipe to enhance the cannabis experience for themselves and their friends. But if you’ve got a small bong, finding things to customize it with can be a challenge. Fortunately, that’s not the case with big bongs. At our Northglenn headshop, you’ll find all kinds of wondrous bong accessories that will turn your big pipe into the talk of the town including percolators, ash catchers, quartz bangers, cleaners, diffused downstems, and more.

Benefit #5: They’re perfect for parties

If you’ve ever passed around a bong at a party you know you spend most of your time refilling it. One of the many good things about bigger bongs is that they also have bigger bowls. After you pack that bad boy and fire it up it’ll provide trippy entertainment for several people before someone gets a lighter hit. That makes for a much more enjoyable time for everyone. Now all you have to do is hope someone else brings some herb with them so you don’t burn through all of yours.

Other Considerations

While bigger bongs have a lot of upsides, they’re not necessarily for everyone. If you are someone who enjoys a modest buzz over a mind-altering buzz, you might want to stick with smaller bongs. Also, if you don’t entertain much, or you don’t usually whip out the bong when you do have guests, then there’s not much reason to have a huge tabletop bong with a giant bowl.

In addition, if you like to keep your herb consumption private and discreet you’re going to find it a lot more difficult to hide a large bong than a small one you picked up at our online smoke shop. Finally, if you’re new to smoking weed it doesn’t make sense to start with a big bong. Who knows? You might not enjoy it and large bongs can be pretty expensive.

But if you enjoy an intense buzz, often wind up passing a bong around with your friends, hate having to spend a couple of hours trying to clean all those tiny hard-to-reach areas of a small bong and the prospect of smoother hits appeals to your throat and lungs then a bigger bong may be just what the herb doctor ordered.

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