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Study Suggests Some Cannabis Strains May Help Combat COVID-19

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The World Health Organization first announced Coronavirus, or COVID-19, as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on January 30th of this year. As of March 11th, coronavirus has been classified as an international pandemic. Over the past few months, the virus has devastated communities across the globe and claimed more than 330,000 lives to date – and its tragic toll is continually rising.

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Top Eight Reasons to Switch to Vaping

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Vaporizers debuted on the market in 2003 and have gradually increased in popularity since their introduction. Today, vaporizers have become a popular commodity throughout the nation and abroad. Millions of former cigarette smokers have made the switch to vaporizer devices, citing a variety of reasons for their change. However, when asked about the favorite attributes that vape pens have to offer, a few popular selling points emerge. Today’s article brings you the eight biggest reasons to consider making the switch from cigarettes to vaporizers yourself.

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Montana Group Continues Fight for Cannabis Legalization

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Understandably, COVID-19 has complicated the process of legalizing cannabis for states that have yet to do so. While more than two thirds of American States have legalized the sale and use of cannabis for medicinal and/or recreational purposes, others are slower to reach this milestone. While many advocates remain undeterred by obstacles to the legalization process, social distancing has undoubtedly complicated the road to cannabis legalization, creating unique barriers which other U.S. states have not endured. Campaigns in many states have stalled or even stopped for the coming election year – including those in Idaho, Ohio, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Nebraska. While their advocates remain motivated, coronavirus has proven too difficult to navigate, and advocates in these areas have announced their resolution to continue legalization efforts in 2021. However, some states aren’t so easily dismayed by the unexpected virus – Montana is among the states taking serious initiative toward legalization in the coming year.

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Five Things to Consider When Buying Your Next Hookah

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There are so many reasons to love hookah and shisha products. As we explored in an earlier article, hookah pipes originated in Ming Dynasty China more than a thousand years ago, and they’ve been a source of relaxation and enjoyment for nearly a thousand years since. Hookah bars are a popular venue to consume your favorite hookah and shisha products in the company of friends and fellow fans. However, with the widespread closures brought on by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, hookah bars across Colorado and the United States have temporarily closed their doors.

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How Has Coronavirus Affected Colorado Cannabis Sales?

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On March 11th, COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization with approximately 118,000 confirmed cases and 4,300 deaths worldwide. Less than four weeks later, both totals have increased more than tenfold with over a million cases and 60,000 casualties in total. With confirmed cases of COVID-19 rising at a startling rate each day, communities around the globe have implemented significant changes in their economic and social structuring to help reduce the spread of the highly contagious virus.

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Cannabis Delivery Drone Development Underway in Washington

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked questions around the world of the best ways to slow the virus’s spread. With social isolation mandates implemented throughout the country, and more strictly enforced quarantines abroad, separation has proven to be an essential aspect in controlling the pandemic’s impact.

The New York Times recently affirmed that Washington State has been hit exceptionally hard by the recent coronavirus outbreak. “As about 100 new patients have been identified each recent day in Washington State, officials there have scrambled to impose restrictions on public gatherings and slow the transmission rate.” With 85 total fatalities to date, more have died from coronavirus in Washington than any other state in the nation.

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COVID-19 and Cannabis: How Smokers Can Stay Safe

Stethoscope and Pill Bottle with Cannabis Nuggets Inside

Coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19, was officially deemed a pandemic on Wednesday by the World Health Organization. The international outbreak of coronavirus has already claimed the lives of sixty Americans and more than 6,000 individuals around the world.
The spread of COVID-19 has unduly affected some regions and high-risk demographics, but even lower-risk individuals have taken serious steps to reduce their odds of infection. Schools and workplaces across America have shut down indefinitely to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and individuals across the nation have begun self-quarantining, resulting in national shortages of high-demand supplies like water, soap, and toilet paper.

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MMJ Advocate Writes Children’s Book About Cannabis

Susan Soares has served as a longtime local advocate within the cannabis community. She was asked a question about how to broach the subject of cannabis use to children when interviewed about the industry on The Woody Show. While Soares answered the question sufficiently, she’s since reflected on the discontent she felt with her response. This interview led her to the question of cannabis – and how we can most effectively broach the subject of its legal use with children throughout the United States. The changing regulatory standards surrounding cannabis and its medicinal value have increased the openness of its use for a variety of ailments, both physical and psychological. However, as any educator or parent knows, the way we speak to children has tremendous power in the ways the view the world around us. From that day forward, Soares set out to tackle the difficult subject – what’s the best way to talk about cannabis with our nation’s kids?

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Seven Strains With More Than Twenty Percent THC

It’s hard to definitively state which strain of cannabis contains the very highest level of THC. The availability of strains has continually evolved for centuries. The preferences and practices of growers, the tastes of local consumers and the effects of regional climate on cannabis growth all shape the variety (and quality) of strains that are available today. The range of strains has only expanded since cannabis’ statewide recreational legalization in 2012, and the gradual rise of legalization in states across America, with new options cropping up year after year.

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