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Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative Status

For years now, Denver has been working on getting a vast community of businesses together where we can all socially enjoy our great buds with our great buds, together in a public setting. It’s been a long wait, but the movement has been gaining traction and within the next couple months a handful of businesses that have already applied for their license should be up and running and within a year (if everything goes as planned) there should be an exciting variety of locations where social consumption is allowed, encouraged, and the heart of their business. All good news; however, the road up to getting to this point has not been easy.

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Inaugural Post

Hello! Welcome to the very first post on the 710 Pipes blog! We’re excited to be bringing you weekly content and updates concerning the smoke shop industry, Colorado legal marijuana regulations, new vaporizers, innovative smoking products, and all the latest news and designs by the nation’s biggest glass artists. We hope that you find this a reliable resource for the Colorado headshop a counter culture industry which are at the forefront of change and innovation nationally.

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