Cannabidiol Extracts Explained

Marijuana and wheat mixed flour for making pastries

While THC is by far the most commonly known cannabinoid, it’s far from the only variety on the rise in our modern culture. Cannabidiol – more popularly known by the abbreviation CBD – has several distinct possibilities for high-quality extracts. It’s easy to confuse the most common cannabinoid extracts for one another – but each respective variety has beneficial qualities that separate it from the rest. 710 Pipes is here to help you differentiate between the top varieties, so you’re ready to navigate the available options with ease.

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Hemp Drives New Auto Industry Developments

In 1941, auto industry pioneer Henry Ford proposed a bold new concept: personal automobiles that everyday Americans can afford. Nearly eighty years later, his company Ford Motors is the fifth most popular auto brand worldwide – if you don’t drive a Ford yourself, you know someone who does. Many fans of Ford’s brand aren’t aware that his original vision for the personalized American automobile incorporated hemp products as a primary structural component. While his well-known Model-T wasn’t made from hemp products alone, they were incorporated into much of the car’s prototype. Ford’s original vision glistened with promise of a sustainable future.

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Top Seven Terpenes Found in Cannabinoids

What are Terpenes?
Terpenes are a group of aromatic and rich essential oils. Terpenes are most commonly found in cannabinoids like THC, hemp and CBD, as well as many common fruits and plant varieties. Terpenes are incredibly common in the world today, and many studies have backed their propensity to support health and wellness in multiple different ways. This is largely because terpenes naturally enrich all of the foods and plants that they’re found in. While more than 200 varieties of terpenes are in existence today, some are much more prevalent, while others aren’t so common. Today’s smoke shop guide outlines nine of the most popular terpenes around, possible benefits that they offer, and the most common sources that they’re found in.

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The Hemp Economy that Never Happened

The year was 1938 and a new contraption had just been patented that would remove months of dry rotting required to separate fiber from the hemp plant. What had, for millennia, been a seasonal process to rot the fiber out of the hemp stalks, had now become an afternoon of labor; a development that had huge implications for a number of already prosperous industries, from paper production to fuel.

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The Indian Hemp Drugs Commission

The last few decades have seen an impressive rise in the investigation of cannabis’s potential for medicinal value as well as it’s suspected potential for abuse. Given the thousands of years that cannabis has been in the human pharmacopoeia, however, it isn’t surprising that the debate about the plant’s influence has been of major interest to politicians before. The Indian Hemp Drugs Commission was set up by the British Empire over one hundred and twenty years ago to assess the then-popular concern about the herb’s proliferate use among all classes of Indian society, who’s ancient and wide-spread social incorporation of the plant seemed to pose a possible threat to the stability of British imperial rule.

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