We have High5 Enails in stock at all of our locations, come see one in person!

High Five's enails are affordable and work great! 

Every High5 enail kit comes with a 6 foot long kevlar sleeved coil, an 8 foot locking power cord, and a user manual. No extra accessories needed!

These enails feature a digital display, auto system tuning, and an easily swappable fuse.

It doesn't matter if you prefer low temp or high temp, High5 nails can be adjusted anywhere from 0-1200F.

High5's enails come in a variety of colors and prints, including the much-loved Benjamin Danklin. 

We have single, dual and quad High5 enails. Whether you just need an enail for yourself, or you need a monster enail for 4 separate rigs, High Five delivers!

High5 enails are available in a few different models:

Basic: This is the entry level model from High5. It uses a single row LED screen, and has no extra features. This style is available only in the single coil configuration.
LED#1: This model uses the same single row LED screen from the Basic, plus a USB charging port on the single coil model. The LED#1 is available in single, dual, and quad coil configurations.
LED#2: This model uses an upgraded dual-row LED screen and has a USB charging port on the single coil model., and is available in both single and dual coil configurations.
LCD#1: This model uses a bright LCD screen and has a USB charging port on the single coil model. Available in single and dual coil configurations.
LCD#2: This model is identical to the above internally, but uses a more compact enclosure. All of the connectors and controls are relocated to the front, making it ideal for situations where space is limited. Single coil configuration only.