Hits On Hand FireBox RCCA

The Hits On Hand FireBox is a new, high end, Colorado-made atomizer designed specifically for use with waxy herbal concentrates. The patent-pending airflow design was created in order to prevent clogging while allowing enough airflow for a huge, dab rig style hit. A definite step up from a standard wax pen, the FireBox is a compact atomizer which can discreetly hold up to a full gram of waxy herbal concentrate without leaking!


Inside the FireBox

The FireBox features a deep well, which allows the user to load a full gram of their preferred herbal waxy concentrate without any leaking. The FireBox is designed to be used from 10-30W, but we've found that 22W is the sweet spot for a smooth, full, flavorful hit. The included ceramic coils are made with 28k Kanthal surrounded with a porous ceramic material which can easily wick even the thickest herbal waxy concentrates.


What's in the package?

  • 1x FireBox Atomizer

  • 2x ceramic coils

  • 1x dabbing tool

  • 2x spare screws

  • 1x spare o-ring

  • 1x mini screwdriver

  • 1x manual

Note: In order to use the FireBox, a compatible regulated vaping device is required.