LiT Vaporizer Available Now!

Lit Vaporizer

LiT's Pure kit is an excellent wax pen for all herbal concentrate users- from newcomers to experts.

Your pen comes with a few parts:

1x LiT Pure Tank

This is the top part of the kit. It has a ceramic top cap and mouthpiece, and you'll find a ceramic coil pre-installed in the base. This coil will have a ceramic cap on it, don't lose this cap! Each new coil uses the same cap, so make sure to transfer it to your new coil whenever a coil change is made.

1x LiT Pure Battery

This battery is what the Pure Tank screws on to. Make sure not to over-tighten the connection between the tank to the battery, this can damage the contacts and may render your LiT kit inoperable! The connection only needs to be finger tight, never more. You can recharge the battery by connecting the included USB cable to it.

1x LiT Pure Ceramic Coil

This is the pre-installed coil in your LiT kit. You can differentiate the ceramic coil from others by looking for a ceramic dish with no exposed wire. One coil isn't necessarily better than the other, both coil types are included so that you can decide which style you prefer for yourself!

1x LiT Pure Dual Quartz Coil

This is the spare coil that is included in the packaging of the LiT Pure kit. This coil is easy to identify due to the dual exposed coils with quartz rods in the base.

1x USB Charging Cable

Use this microUSB cable to recharge your LiT Pure kit!

Lit Vaporizer Kit