Klarity Kratom


High quality Kratom from a reputable company. Klarity Kratom has a large selection of strains and is considered an industry leader.  Effective and consistent.

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Klarity Kratom Powder and Capsules

High quality botanicals from a reputable company. Klarity has a large selection of strains of Kratom to choose from. Effective and consistent quality, it is considered an industry leader. This is a best selling head shop product.

Unfortunately sources like the Mayo Clinic Kratom Information page disagrees with what millions of users experience everyday. Since it effects opioid receptors, side effects can vary by person.

The Mitragyna speciosa Kratom plant hails from southeast Asia. It is harvested and processed in a natural powder form and sometimes put into easy to swallow capsules. Many prefer this pure form of kratom ingestion.

There are many types of Kratom strains to choose from, each with different effects. Maeng Da kratom, White vein kratom, Red vein kratom, Green vein kratom, Thai kratom, Bali kratom, Malay kratom and Trainwreck kratom.

Available for sale in many different sizes sizes. Often Kratom comes in tinted bottles to prevent degradation of kratom’s active ingredients.

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