We have all the products to fit your smoking needs.

A wide variety of local, domestic, and imported glassware for both dry content and concentrates, including Hand Pipes, Water Pipes, Bubblers, and much more. See our Glass Gallery page for photos!

Vaping items, including Starter Kits, Tanks, Drippers, Mods, Coils, Batteries (and chargers), Wire and Cotton. Our eJuice selection includes Charlie's Chalk Dust, Teleos, Cloud Science, Cuttwood, One Hit Wonder, Dinner Lady, VapPuro, and The Plumes of Hazard.

Incense, Stickers, Lighters, Blunt Wraps (traditional and tobacco free), Papers, Cones, Silicone and Glass Containers, Scales, Torches and Butane, Debowlers (metal and silicone), Grinders, Cleaning Products, Glass Storage, Pipe Bags, Silicone Mats, Rolling Trays, Clothing, Hats, Hat Pins, Pendants, Detox, Quick Fix, Stash Jars, Flags, and more!

Hookah items, including products from Al Fakher, Fantasia, Argelini, Fumari, Coco Nara, NeverXhale, Three Kings, and many more.

We also carry a wide variety of wax pens and related accessories, including the always excellent LiT Vaporizers.


These versatile is essential for any smoker’s collection. They are generally small and easy to travel with or carry. Their basin-like bowl allows you to fill it with water for a smoother pull by offering extra smoke filtration. For more information and images click here.

Bongs – Water Pipes

If you are looking to upgrade your current water pipe to a newer and smoother smoking experience we offer many name brand pieces such as Righteous Glass and Roor. These pieces are specifically created to give you a smoother pull and generate fewer pollutants. Several of our pieces come with additional smoking amenities such as ice notches to fix ice cubes above the water level for a smoother smoking experience or a curved mouthpiece for easier access. For more information and product images check out our water pipe page.


Another form of water pipe we offer is our wide collection of hookahs and hookah accessories. These small to large pieces offer a smooth smoking experience that has been around for hundreds of years. We have single or multi-stemmed pieces that allows you to smoke by yourself or with a friend. We also have several different styles of flavored tobacco along with replacement ceramic bowls and hookah foil.

Oil and Dab Rigs

When it comes to oil and dab rigs we have you covered, after all oil is in our name. We have an extensive collection of both intricate and basic models. If you already own our perfect rig and simply need spare parts, we have several different nails and bowls to choose from. We also carry a wide selection of butane products to help you get the best pull possible. Check out our oil and dab rig page for more information.


One of the main reasons we are one of the best head shops in Denver is our wide and extensive collection of pipes. Whatever you are looking for, we got it! From your basic spoon or one hitters to your heavyweight name brand pieces like Prometheus Pipes. With so many different styles, colors and sizes you are bound to find your next pipe here.

Smoking Accessories

Regardless of your preferred smoking piece, all smokers need some essential accessories. At 710pipes we offer a wide variety of bowls, stems, nails, grinders, trays, mats, torches and much more. Check out just some of the great accessories in our wide collection.


If vaporizers are more your thing we have several different styles and models. From e-cigs like the popular Juul to different Vape Pens or Vape Mods. We also have a wide collection of eJuices to choose from. For more information on the different flavors we offer click here.


Display your personality proudly with our large assortment of patches, hat-pins, stickers and jewelry. From popular cartoon characters like Rick and Morty, Bobs Burgers, Ninja Turtles, the Simpsons and more.   If TV and movies are more your thing we have Star Wars, Star Trek, Trailer Park Boys and many others.

If you love the beauty of glass and want to take it with you everywhere you go, we have glass jewelry as well. From necklaces to rings and several different styles of glass beads.


Looking for wraps? We have a huge collection of different styles of rolling papers. From blunt wraps, flavored wraps, cones, to alternative materials such as hemp, rice paper and cellulose. Whatever style you are looking for we got it.


With such a wide selection of items it can be hard to cover it all. But some of our more popular miscellaneous products are our beautiful and unique heady glass marbles and our pure and reliable detox remedies.