Storz & Bickel

The Volcano (Digital)

The Volcano Digital entered the market in 2007 and since that has grown to be one of the most iconic vaporizers today. It features digital temperature control and forced air vaporization.  

Volcano - digital.jpg

The Plenty

The Plenty was the first vaporizer to feature air and radiation heating for flavor and vapor.

Plenty view 2.jpg
Plenty box explode.jpg

The Crafty

The first of its kind vaporizer, featuring Bluetooth control, vibration alarm, and a cooling unit with a pivoting mouthpeice. 

Crafty view 1.jpg
Crafty Box explode.jpg

The Mighty

The "big brother" to the Crafty the Mighty is a step above, featuring digital temperature control and longer lasting battery life.

Mighty view 1.jpg
Mighty view 2.jpg
Mighty box explode.jpg