Six Stellar Spots to Hit this 4/20

As you’re probably well-aware, Colorado’s favorite high holiday is fast approaching. It’s time to get ready and weigh your options for the best possible bashes in town. Thankfully, we’ve done your homework for you and found some of the sweetest spots to celebrate with the stoner community. Here are six spectacular events that you should consider hitting when the holiday rolls around.

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420 Celebrations – Local, National and World Wide

You can’t deny the impact that 420 has had around the world. In every state, country and continent people unite together to celebrate this magical little herb. Living in Denver means you are completely in luck when it comes to finding an awesomely hazy way to celebrate. Take a look at some of the events going on this weekend and throughout the rest of the year and don’t forget to stop by 710pipe locations for customer appreciation day where Pipe Dream glass will clean your favorite pipe for free and you can enjoy food, music and much more.

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Where Did the Term 420 Come From?

Where 420 Began
The term 420 has been well known around the world for decades as the symbol for marijuana. How this term was coined has several different origin stories from it being the police code for pot, to some kind of symbolism for Hitler’s birthday, or for being teatime in Holland. However, none of these stories are actually true. It was coined by a small group of teenagers in the 70s.

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