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Twenty-Three More Smoke Shop Terms to Know

Our three smoke shop locations in Denver and Northglenn stay stocked with thousands of quality products. While the variety lets smoke shop regulars find everything they need, it’s easy to get confused by the range of different options. Thankfully, last month’s guide to smoke shop terminology explained twenty-two top phrases to know before you shop – and this week’s follow-up has the meaning of twenty-three more.

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E-Nails? The Future of Dabbing Is Here

The continuing boom of Cannabis’s popularity and acceptance has bred a number of revolutions in the surrounding marketplace. One novel invention that was born in the midst of this fervor is the Electronic Nail, or E-Nail for short. This device comes in a number of incarnations, but all have a singular goal in mind: the perfection of vaporizing Cannabis concentrates at precision temperatures.

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Finding the Right Dabbing Temperature and Getting the Best Banger For Your Buck

Hash has come a long way in recent decades, and dabbing continues to be at the forefront of cannabis concentrate, with new variations continuing to surprise consumers all the time. Key to enjoying the experience, however, is finding an optimal temperature to vaporize all of the delicious compounds without burning them to smithereens.

With so many different types of dabbable concentrates, and such a wide variety of new devices for their consumption on the market, finding the right approach can be confusing. We’ll try to sort through some of the chaos so you can get straight to finding the best concentrate for you, and the best way to consume it.

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History of Dab Rigs

Today, if you go into a head shop just about anywhere you are bound to see one of these newer and complex devises. Whether you call it an oil rig, a dab rig, or a concentrate rig makes no difference as they are all the same thing. They were created as a more efficient way of delivering potent concentrated cannabis either in wax, oil, or butter form to the user. It gives you a cleaner more intense high as many of these concentrates rank around the 75-90th percentiles in potency. They have been a god send to medical marijuana users and an essential piece of equipment for any cannabis consumer. But where did these little babies come from and how did they get to be as popular as they are?

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