Top Eight Reasons to Switch to Vaping

Vaporizers debuted on the market in 2003 and have gradually increased in popularity since their introduction. Today, vaporizers have become a popular commodity throughout the nation and abroad. Millions of former cigarette smokers have made the switch to vaporizer devices, citing a variety of reasons for their change. However, when asked about the favorite attributes that vape pens have to offer, a few popular selling points emerge. Today’s article brings you the eight biggest reasons to consider making the switch from cigarettes to vaporizers yourself.

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Five Things to Consider When Buying Your Next Hookah

There are so many reasons to love hookah and shisha products. As we explored in an earlier article, hookah pipes originated in Ming Dynasty China more than a thousand years ago, and they’ve been a source of relaxation and enjoyment for nearly a thousand years since. Hookah bars are a popular venue to consume your favorite hookah and shisha products in the company of friends and fellow fans. However, with the widespread closures brought on by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, hookah bars across Colorado and the United States have temporarily closed their doors.

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Nine Best Reasons to Burn Incense

Freshens The Air In Your Home
Perhaps the most obvious benefit of incense is its pleasing aroma. Incense is a great way freshen the air in your home. While some flavors are more understated, others pack a bigger punch. If you’re looking to cover something unsavory, or mask the output of a freshly-used water pipe, stronger scents like cinnamon may be best. If you’re looking for a little lift to your household vibe, something subtle may be best for you. It may take a little experimenting to find your perfect fit. We have tons of affordable options at our Denver and Northglenn smoke shops to get you started.

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How to Store Your Stash

Not too hot…

Avoid storing cannabis near anything that gives off heat. Mold and mildew grow most quickly in warm temperatures – especially in the range of 77° to 86° F. Keeping your stash somewhere cooler than this will go a long way toward preventing this type of contamination.  High temperatures can also damage the chemical composition of marijuana, potentially damaging terpenes that developed over months of mindful care. You’ll get a harsh, hot hit of smoke if you dry out your supply and damage these essential oils. So keep it someplace cool, and your throat will thank you.

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Roadmap to the Right Wrap: Comparing Rolling Paper Materials

Here at 710pipes, we offer every type of smoking product. With JUULs and other vaporizers, pipes and water pipes, hookahs and much more, you’ll find everything you’re looking for at our Denver or Northglenn smoke shops. While our long-lasting, quality glassware is the best bet for most customers, some may only be looking to drop a little pocket change, or to enjoy a weekend in the 303 without bringing home paraphernalia. And for that, we’ve still got you covered with a wide variety of rolling papers. While papers tend to be pretty similar in shape, size and pricing, there are important distinctions between packs that significantly impact your smoking experience. Below, we’ll break down the upsides and downsides to several popular rolling paper materials, to help you find the perfect papers for you.

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Joint, Spliff, or Blunt? Their Differences Explained

Here at 710Pipes, we have every imaginable smoking product and accessory. Our Denver and Northglenn smoke shops are packed with JUULs and other vaporizers, pipes, water pipes, hookahs and so much more. Still, sometimes it’s refreshing to go back to basics by rolling up a little paper. We recently reviewed the different types of rolling paper and the advantages to each. But once you’ve bought your papers – then what? There are three basic categories of rolled cannabis: spliffs, joints, and blunts. Even the newest smoker on the block has usually heard these names dropped in passing, but the divisions between the three groups can get a little hazey. Today we’ll go over the basics of each category, and the pros and cons to each type.

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Hard-Hitting History of the Modern Bong

The oldest water pipe known to historians is around 2,400 years old. These relics were made entirely of solid gold, and used exclusively by Scythian tribal chiefs, who prevailed over territory that eventually became modern-day Russia. That’s right – there’s a solid gold bong predating the invention of the wheelbarrow.

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Types of Pipes: What Should You Choose?

Whether you’re a longtime smoker or new to the field of grass, you’ve likely been curious about the various modes of consumption available for use. Walking into a smoke shop with thousands of options can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Pipes are generally made from one of three materials: glass, wood, and metal. There are pros and cons to each type of instrument that any user would be wise to consider, to ensure that they’re getting the best experience possible. There are many options to consider purchasing at any smoke shop, from vaporizers, to water pipes, bongs and more. Today we’ll compare the three most popular materials used for pipes and the benefits and drawbacks to each, so that those of you in the market for a pipe will know exactly what to look for on your next trip to your local head shop.

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The CBD Beverage Industry: We’ll Drink To That!

Shirtless muscular man drinking energy drink in gym

Expo! Expo! Read All About It!

At the 2018 Natural Products Expo, which took place last March in Anaheim, California, the latest and most innovative trends in holistic health were showcased. There it became clear how quickly the cannabidiol craze is taking hold of the beverage industry. From CBD soda, coffee blends, matcha and tea, the public demand for CBD has not gone unnoticed, and beverage makers have answered their call. As marijuana restrictions slowly fade with every election, the market for consumable cannabinoids of any variety is rising. In fact, in 2017 alone, the legal weed industry raked in more than $9 BILLION dollars in revenue. Since recreational weed became legal in the state of California, those blazing-high profits have skyrocketed further still. Hemp-based CBD is far more accessible than THC – in fact, its consumption is now legal (for some or all users) in 47 U.S. States (sorry Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota). Better yet, for users near 710pipes’ Colfax or Northglenn locations, wide varieties of CBD products are available right now.

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CBD: Full Spectrum Vs Isolate

Cannabidiol, or CBD as it’s more commonly known, is just one of many naturally occurring compounds exclusive to both cannabis and hemp plants. The compound itself has shown beneficial to a staggering number of common maladies, and being a “unregulated” chemical, can be sold over the counter. Not surprisingly, a still-growing industry has amassed around the natural compound – inviting interest from industrialists, politicians, researchers and sick people alike.

But as interest in CBD has risen, so have debates in a topic getting more attention every year: what format of the product is best and just how should CBD be administered.

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