Blunt Wraps and Rolling Paper Brands

710 Pipes is proud to offer the best variety of rolling papers, blunt wraps, and cones in Denver.

Many of our papers, blunts, and cones are available in alternative materials such as hemp, rice paper, and cellulose.

We carry a great selection from the brands shown here, and many more!

Blunt Wraps and Rolling Paper Brands

RAW Products have earned their rank as a top selection of smoke shop lovers in Denver and around the world. The brand offers a wide range of products, from papers, cones and tips to boards, apparel and other accessories. Check out our RAW products page or visit our head shops to learn more.

Award-winning, multi-platinum rap icon Wiz Khalifa recently partnered with the rolling paper brand RAW. Together, they’ve crafted a specialty line of rolling papers and other quality smoke shop products, including Wiz papers, cones and rolling trays. This collaboration has earned the love of Khalifa’s fans and RAW product lovers alike.

Since 1918, OCB’s had one goal in mind: to craft the perfect rolling paper. After a century of perfecting their process, OCB manufacturers pride themselves in the thinness and smoothness of their latest line of products. All OCB rolling papers are 100% natural, vegetarian and GMO free, and hemp-based papers have been available since 2015. It’s no wonder that OCB has remained in-demand by smokers everywhere for more than a century with no signs of stopping.

Elements takes pride in the all-natural composition of their product line, including papers, cones, pipes, accessories and more. Elements rolling papers and cones are made with exclusively Earth-friendly products, minimizing the ash produced with every burn. Elements wraps are crafted in the windy mountains of Alcoy, Spain to keep their papers safe from humidity. Each Elements paper is stamped with a custom watermark, and designed for a smooth, slow burn. The brand melds the power of Earth, wind, fire and water in every paper they produce. Summon the four elements with these organic wraps today.

Swisher Sweets have remained a top brand of cigarillos since the company was founded in 1958. While the individual choices offered by the brand have varied through the years, the aroma, flavor and quality tobacco found in Swisher Sweets have only gotten better with time. If you're a fan of that classic cigar flavor, Natural Leaf Swisher Sweets and Classic Cigarillos are sure to hit the spot. If you're in the mood for something new, sample Swisher's latest Limited Edition flavors while they last. Swisher Sweets also offer a variety of Encore Edition cigarillos - former fan favorites, now back by popular demand.

Dutch Masters cigars have earned acclaim from cigar lovers everywhere. Their machine-made products boast a quality composition, guaranteeing a slower burn. Every premium cigar by Dutch Masters includes aged, handpicked tobacco leaves, with range of delicious flavors available to suit the preferences of every palate.

Kingpin Premium Wraps live up to their lofty name. Each Kingpin product packs a punch with rich, delicious flavor and aroma. The up-and-coming novelty brand is new to the scene, but they’ve nonetheless earned the love of smoke shop fans everywhere. In fact, Kingpin Wraps are among the most popular blunt wraps on the market today. A wide selection of delicious Kingpin Premium flavors are available in store - including Hawaiian, Bahama Mama, Peach Paradise, Melon Madness, Blueberry Bomb, Chocolate Mint, Maple Syrup, Big Apple, Cherry BonBon and more. Visit 710 Pipes to find the most popular Kingpin flavors.

Randy’s blunt wraps entered the scene in 1975, and they’ve been a hit ever since. The company has strived to make cutting edge products with the their customers’ needs and preferences in mind. Randy’s offers multiple sizes of their classic wired rolling papers and a recently developed organic hemp paper line. While Randy’s is best known for their rolling papers, they’ve expanded their selection to include liquid cleaners, incense, hemp storage products, and vaporizers. They also offer a number of sought-after smoking accessories like rolling machines and trays.

Zig-Zag is the oldest manufacturer of rolling papers – with more than 140 years of history to their name. Since the very beginning, their products have featured the face of French soldier by the name of Zouave, whose clay pipe was shattered by a stray bullet. The legendary fighter adapted to the loss by tearing paper from his bag of gunpowder and rolling his tobacco inside. Today, Zig-Zag is proud to offer several variations of their original white rolling papers. All sizes of Organic Zig-Zag Hemp Papers feature pure, unbleached non-GMO hemp fibers. Zig-Zag’s Kutcorners Slow Burning Papers have a thin glue line, to ensure a flawless, consistent seal.

White Owl rolling papers, cigarillos and cigars are top-of-the-line products with devoted fans across the globe. The White Owl brand has shown its staying power, remaining a popular choice for discerning smokers since the company began in 1887. Today, White Owl offers duos, classic cigars, regular-sized and mini cigarillos, and changing varieties of limited edition products. White Owl proudly offers dozens of unique product options, with an extensive selection of flavors and sizes.

Shine has been featured in more than fifty publications to date, including Forbes, Leafly, Newsweek and many others. Shine’s latest line of luxury blunt wraps is carefully handcrafted from 24-karat edible gold. While Shine is best known as a luxury brand of rolling papers, the brand offers an impressive variety of products, including rolling papers, cigars, cones, clothing, decals and other accessories. Shine’s hemp-based blend takes a natural approach to the typical blunt-wrap model. Explore the latest popular products by Shine online or at any of our three 710 Pipes locations.

While Juicy Jay’s may be best known for their rolling papers, the brand offers an extensive variety of in-demand smoke shop products, including paper, cigars, wraps, incense sticks and pipes. Popular flavors of rolling papers include blackberry brandy, double dutch chocolate, and red rum raspberry. Juicy Jay’s rolling papers are made with a unique triple-dipped system of flavoring, setting themselves above cost-cutting competitors. As a result, Juicy Jay’s rolling papers are flavored throughout their surface, rather than just the gumline. Try Juicy Jay’s products for yourself to learn why fans can’t get enough of their quality smoking products.

Backwoods cigars are highly-rated cheroot cigars, expertly machine-made by Altadis USA. Backwoods cigars are beloved by fans of high-end premium cigar varieties. Backwoods cigars are available in an extensive variety of flavors, including smoky, spicy and sweet. These cigars are infused from a careful concoction of natural and homogenized flavors, as well as enticing flavors and aromas. Backwoods cigars are beloved by fans across America, as well as international locations like Turkey and the United Kingdom. Each and every Backwoods flavors include a smooth-tasting premium. With exceptional quality for affordable prices, it’s hard to beat the quality and value of premium Backwoods cigars.

Royal Blunts cigar wraps are available in a range of sizes from mini to XXL. Loyal fans of the Royal Blunts brand praise their overall quality –including their slow burn, the ease of rolling every wrap and keeping every cherry alive, and the value of these attributes for an exceptional price. Royal Blunts’ cigar wraps are available in a variety of delicious and flavors, all of which are packaged in re-sealable packages, so continuous freshness is available on-demand. Grape, Strawberry and Wet Mango are among the most popular varieties. Unconventional options like Black Mamba and Chicken and Waffles have also proven exceptionally popular among devoted fans of Royal Blunts cigars.

High Hemp Wraps and High Hemp Pre-Rolled Cones are certified organic and rank among the highest levels of purity in the rolling paper industry. Hemp used in High Hemp products is sourced from organically-grown plants in Amsterdam. All High Hemp products are Vegan-friendly, certified organic, 100% free of pesticides, tobacco, and GMOs.
These products are naturally CBD-positive given their organic hemp composition. Because these rolling papers are unadulterated by toxins, you'll enjoy the smooth, slow burn of classic tobacco rolling papers without losing the smooth taste of hemp rolling papers. High Hemp Wraps are available in nine popular flavors including Blazin Cherry, Hubba Bubba and Honey Pot. In every pack of High Hemp wraps, customers receive two wraps and two filter tips with a protective tube.

Cyclones pre-rolled products are exceptionally easy to pack and roll. Cyclones are sold in a variety of popular flavors, each of which are stored in flavor-sealing tubes. These make it easier than ever before to smoke exactly what you want to and save the rest for later, without sacrificing quality. Even after they’ve been partially used, the re-sealable nature of Cyclone products makes them incredibly easy to transport. Cyclones come in a variety of forms, including two-pack tubes (with two cones per pack), wood-tip cyclones with reusable tips, and hemp cyclones with zero tobacco or nicotine. Sizzlestick and Ghost Train Cyclones are intricately woven. The conical shape and careful construction of every Cyclone product increases the consistency of every burn allows for impressive consistency and flavor from start to finish.

King Palm's organic rolling papers are made entirely from environmentally-friendly, sustainable materials. King Palm prides themselves on their ethical manufacturing practices. King Palm employs workers in countries around the globe, including Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar and more - all of whom are paid 20% above standard wages.
King Palm offers rolling papers and pre-rolled cones in six sizes, accommodating 1/2 gram to 5 grams of rolled tobacco. Every purchase of King Palm wraps includes a bamboo packing stick, which helps to simplify the rolling process. King Palm leaves contain zero tobacco, preservatives, artificial flavors or glue. King Palm wraps have uniquely flexible corn-husk filters, which can be bitten or squeezed as hard as possible without breaking. This feature helps to give King Palm users a cooler, tighter draw every time they smoke.

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