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710 Pipes carries a wide variety kratom including
powders, kratom capsules, and kratom extracts. If you don’t know
already it is a plant based product grown in southeastern Asia. Also
known as Mitragyna Speciosa, Kratom shares the same family as the
coffee tree and has been used holistically for centuries. All
products we carry are lab tested and are free of heavy metals. We
only carry quality products which abide by the laws set in place by
the Drug Enforcement Administration here in the United States. If you
have any questions about our Kratom we have for sale, contact us
through the information posted at the bottom of the webpage and we
will reply with the upmost customer service. We here at 710Pipes try
to offer a wide range of brands such as: Matrix
Njoy Light: Magic Dust Kratom is a stimulant mainly used for its
opioid like properties, which in some cases can alleviate pain. In
other uses it can act as a supplement that increases energy and
focus, where as other stains of Kratom can give users a more relaxed
feeling for sleep or anxiety control. Throughout the years of it’s
use people have benefited from this versatile plant. The two
compounds found in kratom are Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine
which interact with opioid receptors in the brain with lesser side
effects than typical over the counter medication. The many strains of
this useful plant which have benefits through each type. Typically
each strain can come in various colors, However the strain itself is
where you would yield the most topical benefits. The following
categories will go into detail about each strain and it’s uses.
Sumatra This Indonesian strain is commonly grown on the island of
Sumatra. The Red Sumatra is usually a great sleep aid and is great
for relieving stress, where as the White Sumatra can be more
energetic and euphoric. The white variant is also more of a stimulant
with great focus properties which can last a majority of the day.
Although this strain may create a great experience for it’s consumer,
the strength of this strain is slightly underwhelming compared to
it’s counterparts. Maeng-Da Probably one of the most popular strains
of kratom, Maeng-Da is found in Thailand and is one of the most
potent strains available. Being a great substitute for caffeine it
has been known to not only increase energy for the consumer but to
also improve the consumer’s mood as well. The Thai to English
translation for Maeng-Da kratom is “Pimps Grade” which is a
name solely reserved for the strongest Kratom strains there are to
offer. Most consumers need to go down to a smaller dose due to it’s
long lasting intense effects, however it’s analgesic effect is not as
prominent in lower doses whilst being a more calming and pain
reducing at higher doses. Malay Malay is a very beneficial strain
that can lean more towards the stimulating side of Kratom products.
Though it may not be as effective for relieving pain, it does strive
in reducing tension or stress without the side effects of fatigue or
drowsiness. With it being one of the longer lasting strains effect
wise it also can be relatively intense. To cut the intensity most
consumers typically make Kratom tea by mixing Malay with other
strains if available in Kratom powder. The green variant of this
strain can give the consumer a euphoric and positive mood which can
last a majority of the day. Borneo Most people misconstrued the name
in which this strain originates from. It is currently grown in Borneo
however it is not on the island of Bali. It was mainly sourced
throughout Bali markets which is how it received the “Bali”
part of it’s name. Even so both Bali and Borneo are synonymous when
referring to this high quality strain. The effects are more relaxing
than energetic and tends to carry over a euphoric feeling that can
alleviate pain and stress. The Kratom effects with this particular
strain still offer a slight energetic increase opposed to other
strains on this list. Vein This particular type of kratom is less
traditional use of the plant that uses a unique extraction process.
Most consumers buy kratom as the leaf that gets processed into Kratom
pills or powder. This method can take on the same form but originates
from using the plant’s stems or veins. The most common strain sold in
this form would be Red Veined Thai, however many strains can undergo
this type of extraction method. The colors of Kratom and what they do
So now that we have covered the strains themselves, lets discuss the
attributes of each color and the benefits they can offer. The colors
in which these strains can grow to be consist of: White Green Red
White Kratom Strains with white veins or stems have been found to
enhance the energizing attributes of the plant and tend to be more
mood-enhancing. Typically the consumer of a strain that is white will
feel more alert and focused, followed by the feeling of mental
endurance and motivation. It may not be euphoric or come with the
same effects of a psychoactive drug, but it will plot out feeling of
fatigue or restlessness. Green Kratom The green veined Kratom strain
is relatively interesting, mainly for the fact that it sits in the
middle of the spectrum when it comes to the effects. Unlike Red or
White veined it can have very mild effects which can sometimes be a
good thing. Most uses for Green strains are pain management without
compromising energy. Some consumers will often mix strains with green
to get an even feeling whether that be social anxiety, pain or just
for recreational use. Red Kratom The most popular of the red strains
is the coveted Red Vein Thai. Most consumers that purchase Red Kratom
seek the relaxing and stress relief aspects from it. Whether it be
trouble sleeping or issues with muscle tension, Red Kratom can be a
very helpful supplement. When it comes to the difference of strain in
the variant of red it can have quite the array of effects. If crossed
with a Borneo strain it can lead to more of an analgesic or mood
lifting feeling where as a Thai cross can be more relaxing and
therapeutic. We are happy to provide as much information on Kratom as
we possibly can and try to be as transparent as possible. Kratom can
be beneficial but it can effect everyone differently, with that being
said we recommend doing your own research and medicating safely and
accordingly. There can be Kratom side effects including dependence
(depending if you have an addictive personality) and withdrawal
symptoms however if you are trying to treat pain holistically or
attempting to negate the addiction of opioids, then Kratom may be
useful. We urge you to look at Kratom reviews so that you may decide
for yourself that Kratom is right for you. For additional information
on kratom we have provided the following links below. NIDA

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