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At 710 Pipes, smoke shop, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date and our stores fully stocked with the latest smoking trends. We want to give you the opportunity to try all the latest and greatest vape devices so that you can decide which one works the best for you. We offer several different types of vaporizers from your old favorites to the new technology. Check out some of our latest vaporizer brands. At this time, all non-nicotine vaporizers are available.

710 Pipe

Now featuring our very own 710 Pipe! This vaporizer is a perfect option for anyone that is looking for a high quality, easy to use vaporizer. Its unique and convenient features were created with you in mind. Read more about this exciting device by clicking here.

Dr. Dabber

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is known to be the next generation of vaporizers. Where it offers up to 25 customizable heating profiles, has an average heating up time of 4-6 seconds, and gives you 150 uses for every charge. Read more about this device by clicking here.

High Five

The High Five LCD E-Nail is one of the best High-Quality Thermocouple devices on the market. It detects real time temp changes, so you can achieve the best pull for each hit. It utilized a an easy to read LCD display screen which is comparable to the appearance of your smartphone or television screen. You can choose between 5 different compact and lightweight models. Read more about this excellent vaporizer by clicking here.


The Peak by Puffco is a great device that can truly unlock the power of concentrates. It provides one of the clearest expressions of flavor, potency and effects of the plant. This allows you to get the most efficient and pleasurable experience that is easier and faster than ever before. It offers 4 unique heat settings, has an average of 20 second heat up time, has a smartware intelligent temperature calibrator that adjusts the heat if your bowl is still hot, offers an LED light band with haptic feedback and has a long lasting, quick charging battery. Learn more about the Peak by clicking here.

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Hits on Hand

The Hits on Hand FireBox was one of the first American made rebuildable concentrate Atomizers on the market. This small and discrete device gives you the ability to add up to one gram into the cartage and pull big hits with big clouds and great taste for hours.


The LIT PURE is a top of the line Dual Quartz Coil Ceramic kit that offers a sleek design that delivers a smooth finish every time. It is one of our favorite wax pens that is great for all herbal concentrates. Learn more about the LIT PURE Kits by clicking here.

Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel is a revolutionary vaporizer company that has created several innovative, quality dry herb vaporizer models - including (but not limited to) the following four top-sellers.


The Volcano offers an easy valve attachable balloon that is heat-proof and odor-free. This balloon creates a comfortable experience with each inhalation, as there is little to no draw resistance.

The Crafty+

The Crafty+ is one of the best on-to-go vaporizers on the market today. Its small enough to fit in your pocket but powerful enough to give you a quick hit every time. It features a long-life battery pack and a remote control app that is compatible for Andriod and iOS smartphones.

The Plenty

The Plenty is a powerful vaporizer that offers excellent heating and efficient cooling technology in one single handheld device. It comes equip with an extra wide filling chamber that generates first class flavor with plenty of vapor.

The Mighty+

The Mighty+ is also a great on-the-go vaporizer that is slightly bigger than The Crafty+, but what it lacks for in size it makes up for in power. The Mighty uses a combination of full hot art convection heating and additional conduction, this allows you the ability to get the best vaporization with every draw.

Learn more about all Storz & Bickel models by clicking here.

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