High Hemp Cones


High Hemp Organic Cones, 100% all natural hemp.


High Hemp Organic Cones: A Natural Choice for the Discerning Smoker

Elevate your smoking experience with High Hemp Organic Cones, the perfect blend of nature’s goodness and smoking pleasure. Crafted from natural hemp, these cones are a game-changer in the world of smoking, offering a pure and organic option for those who value quality and sustainability.

Key Features and Benefits:

Feature Benefit
Made from Natural Hemp Ensures a clean, natural smoke without added chemicals
Organic Certification Peace of mind knowing you’re using eco-friendly products
GMO-Free Enjoy a product free from genetic modification
Variety of Flavors Cater to your taste with a range of enticing flavors
Easy-to-Use Design Simplifies the process of rolling and smoking

Product Details:

  • Material: 100% natural hemp, guaranteeing a smooth, pure smoke every time.
  • Flavors: A range of flavors to suit any palate, enhancing your smoking experience.
  • Eco-Friendly: Organic and GMO-free, these cones are kind to the earth and your body.
  • User-Friendly: Pre-rolled for convenience, making them ideal for both novices and seasoned smokers.

Why Choose High Hemp Cones?

For those who prioritize health and environmental sustainability, High Hemp Cones are a natural choice. Their commitment to organic, GMO-free ingredients ensures you’re not just smoking, but also taking a stand for the planet. Plus, the variety of flavors adds a delightful twist to your smoking sessions, making each one a unique experience.

Product History:

High Hemp has been a pioneer in creating hemp-based smoking products. Their dedication to natural, organic ingredients has set a new standard in the smoking industry, leading the way for a healthier, more enjoyable smoking experience.

Matching Accessories:

  • Hemp Wick: Enhance your smoking experience with natural hemp wick from 710 Pipes.
  • Grinders: Perfectly grind your herbs for an even burn.
  • Hand Pipes: Grab some glass from a local artist!


  • Is hemp a better alternative to tobacco? Yes, hemp is a natural and healthier alternative to tobacco, free from nicotine and harmful additives.
  • Can I taste the flavors distinctly? Absolutely! Each flavor is crafted to offer a unique and enjoyable taste experience.

Connect with 710 Pipes:

Dive into the world of natural, flavorful smoking with High Hemp Organic Cones. Whether you’re chilling at home or hanging with friends, these cones are sure to enhance your vibe. And remember, 710 Pipes is your go-to spot for all your smoking needs.

Ready to take your smoking sessions to a higher level? Add these High Hemp Organic Cones to your cart now, or visit your local 710 Pipes store today and start enjoying a purer, more flavorful smoke!

Additional information

Weight 0.01300 oz
Dimensions 2.500001 × 1.000001 × 5.200003 in

Hemp Cone


Banana, Berry, Cherry, Grape, Honey, Lemonade, Mango, Original, Pineapple


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