If you’re a smoke shop regular, you’re likely to appreciate the art of well-crafted heady glass hand pipes, bongs and other one-of-a-kind smoking devices. It’s impossible not to respect the intricacy and vision in exceptional glass pieces by talented glassblowers on the market today. Glass is an incredibly versatile material, and can be formed for nearly any function imaginable– especially when in the hands of an experienced glassblower. Glassblowing is a true art form requiring years – even decades – of devotion and hard work to master the craft’s techniques (and to acquire the necessary space & equipment).

710 Pipes is proud to offer an extensive variety of locally made heady glass smoking devices and accessories. Hundreds of our top products were crafted by today’s most talented glass artists – including Niko Cray, Gordo Scientific, Zombie Hand Studios and more. Visit the gloass artist profiles below to learn more about each exceptional glass artist and view products by each artist options available for purchase in our online smoke shop.

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