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Four Items That Will Elevate Your Dabbing Experience

Resin on tip of silver dabbing tool

Looking to up your dabbing game? No need to look up “smoke shops near me”- we don’t just have the goods, but we also have the advice!

Dabbing might just have the most moving parts out of all smoking methods. There are so many ways to customize your experience. Ranging from your torch to your dab tool, everything can be upgraded!

Instead of playing a guessing game, use this handy guide to light the path to better dabs. We know what we’re talking about!

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Six Great Smoke Shop Gift Ideas for Your Girl

Woman exhaling smoke outdoors in front of scenic Rocky Mountain landscape

Are you looking to buy the perfect stoner gifts for your girl? Are you thinking, “I really need some help from a smoke shop near me”?

Well don’t worry- we’ve put together the ultimate list of ideas to impress your girl and win her stoner heart.

But none of the gifts will mean anything unless they’re specialized. Why would a girl care about a bubbler if it doesn’t match the rest of her collection? And think about how happy she would be if you bought her edibles in her favorite flavor!

For these gifts to really mean something, you need to put some effort in. But we’ll coach you through that, too!

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Biggest Do’s and Don’ts When Packing Your Bong’s Bowl

Rolling paper, glass spoon pipe and cannabis nuggets in miniature jar on wooden rolling tray

Everyone wants to know how to pack the perfect bowl. If you’re looking for the best high- and to get the most out of your weed- a well-packed bowl is vital.

Unfortunately, you probably have some bad habits to kick (ahem, overpacking!). There’s also probably some extra effort you need to start putting in, like using a screen or fully grinding your weed.

Luckily, we’ve broken down all the dos and don’ts of packing a bowl so you can become an expert in no time!

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Grinder

So you’ve bought the perfect grinder from our online smoke shop, and now it’s time to put it to good use. But how exactly do you do that?

Some tips are obvious, like keeping your grinder clean. But weed enthusiasts are inventive, so other tips are a little more out there: like grinding your weed upside down!

Use the following tricks from our Northglenn smoke shop tean to get the most out of your grinder, and hence, the most out of your bud!

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Why You Really Don’t Want to Drink Your Bong Water

Transparent bong containing clean bong water on hardcover book beside cannabis nugget and candle

The forbidden fruit: bong water. That which resides inside your favorite heady glass and mocks you.

It’s tempting when you’re high, we’ve got to say. You’d be lying to yourself if you said you’ve never thought about drinking it.

Or maybe you’re bold enough to have actually tried it! And honestly, how did that work out for you?

Bong water can hold a disgusting amount of pathogens if you don’t keep up with replacing it and cleaning your bong. And there’s nothing more shameful than having a gross bong lying around.

Do yourself a favor and read our Northglenn smoke shop team’s advice on all-things-bong-water – so that the next time temptation hits, you’ll remember the lessons you’ve learned.

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Vaping vs Dabbing: What’s the Deal?

Woman exhaling vape cloud through nose

Your favorite Northglenn vape shop is here to walk you through a heated (get it?) debate: vaping vs dabbing.

So you want to get higher faster. We have some good news! Vaping and dabbing are great ways to explore new frontiers. Both require less marijuana to get the job done.

And if you’re looking to minimize the health risks of smoking, you’re in luck. Vaping and dabbing both have a long list of pros over smoking a joint.

But what’s the difference between vaping vs dabbing, and which method is best for you? There are a lot of variables at play.

Let’s get to it! By the end of this article, you’ll be an expert of the vaping and dabbing worlds.

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