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Headshops vs. Coffee Shops: What’s the Difference?

Coffeeshop countertop with white mugs and espresso machine

The distinction between the terms “coffee shop” and “head shop” has never been muddier than it is today. The same can be said for the distinction between “coffee shop” and “cafe”. To bring some degree of clarity to the situation, the team here at the 710 Pipes online smoke shop has decided to take a close look at what separates the contemporary coffee house from the contemporary headshop. Enjoy.

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The History of Cannabis in Ancient China

Statue of Chinese elephant Ganesha surrounded by smoke

Some Baby Boomers seem to think they were the first to discover the joys of marijuana. The truth, however, is that human history with cannabis goes back thousands of years. The first culture to document the use of the cannabis plant was ancient China where it was originally used to make practical items. By the time of the Han dynasty, (202 BC – 220 AD), cannabis was being widely used for medicinal purposes and personal non-medical purposes as well. In this post, the team at our Northglenn head shop takes a deep dive into the ancient Chinese relationship with marijuana.

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Seven Perfect Songs to Enjoy While Stoned

Silhouette of man wearing large headphones in dark, smoky room

It’s silly to assume that any song where someone mentions weed in the lyrics is a good song to listen to when you’re high. Nothing could be further from the truth. What makes a song capable of enhancing your high is its ability to sync with your altered state. That’s it. So with that as our guiding principle and without further ado the team at the 710 Pipes head shop in Denver presents seven songs to enhance your high. Enjoy.

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Taking a Weed Tolerance Break? Here’s How to Do It Right

Hand offering rolled cannabis joint to other hand motioning refusal

Whether we’re talking about travel partying or eating your favorite food, too much of a good thing is never a good thing. The same can be said for smoking weed. Regular cannabis consumers know all too well that at a certain point, their tolerance for THC goes up which means they need ever greater quantities of herb to achieve the same buzz. Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it. In this brief guide, the team at our Denver headshop location looks into the weed tolerance break, what it is, and how to make the most of it.

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The Apple Pipe: What It Is and How to Make One

White BIC lighter beside red apple

Maybe you’ve heard of the apple pipe but just assumed it was named after its inventor/designer (there are thousands of people in the US with the last name “Apple” so it’s not out of the question). Or maybe someone told you about it and you just assumed they were joking with you. Or maybe you’ve never heard of it. In any case, the team at the 710 Pipes headshop at Denver University would like to set the record straight:

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First-Time Dabbing: A Few Essential Tips

Dab of wax concentrate on tip of metal dabbing tool

One of the many joys of cannabis is how easy it is to pack a bowl, spark it up, and enjoy a heroic buzz. Whether you’re using a standard bong, heady glass, rolling papers, or even a dry herb vaporizer there isn’t much effort involved. Dabbing, however, is a different story. Dabbing requires special equipment, a special type of cannabis byproduct, and very specific procedures.

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What Are Terpenes?

Cannabis nugget on transparent storage container

You can’t spend much time at a headshop or reading information about cannabis without encountering the word “terpenes”. Sometimes the person using the word will take the time to explain it, but in a lot of cases, they just assume the listener or reader is in the know. The thing is, lots of stoners are not. And that’s fine. After all, you’re not required to pass some sort of litmus test to enjoy weed. For those who are curious, however, the team here at 710 Pipes in Denver has brought together the following brief guide that should help shine a light on the subject of terpenes.

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No Rolling Paper? Try These Nine Alternatives

Sideways black gift bag with black-and-white striped tissue paper

Everybody reaches the last paper sometime. Even those who prefer joints and smoke every day – those people you’d think always have a generous stash of papers in one of the kitchen cabinets – run out of rolling papers now and then. Usually at the least convenient time: like when two feet of snow have fallen in the last 24 hours and they’d need a snowmobile to get to a headshop or convenience store. In situations like that the issue becomes one of finding or creating alternative ways to enjoy your cannabis. In this post, the team at the 710 Pipes in Denver examines eight rolling paper alternatives.

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How to Measure Bong Size and Gender

Base of translucent and black glass beaker bong by Illadelph

If you ever plan on upgrading your existing bong it will be important to know both its joint size and gender. Otherwise, you may wind up with a new bowl that doesn’t fit. Now you may not be aware that bongs have genders but they do. Or more specifically, the joint used to connect the bowl to the stem is either “male” or “female”. So, if you buy a new bowl or stem from our online head shop and you don’t take the gender into consideration you’ll wind up having to return it for another. Read on to learn how to identify the gender of your bong and how to measure the joint size.

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Four Great Ways to Use Your Kief

Black and maroon aluminum cannabis grinder beside rolling papers

Kief is gold or light brownish in color, has a light, powdery quality to it, and is derived from trichomes on the outside of cannabis buds that produce THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. These trichomes can be separated from the bud during the grinding process, and because they still contain traces of the aforementioned cannabinoids can be used to enhance your cannabis experience in myriad ways. In this post, the team at 710 Pipes smoke shop will take a closer look at some great ideas for getting more from your kief.

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