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How is Heady Glass Made?

If you’re a smoke shop regular, you’re likely to appreciate the art of well-crafted heady glass pieces. It’s impossible not to respect the intricacy and vision in exceptional glass pieces by talented glassblowers on the market today. When you’re marveling at the works of Denver legends like Hedman Headies, Mycomann, 2 Kind Glass and more, you may find yourself wondering exactly how these works of art are made. Today’s article takes a closer look at the process of heady glass creation with a step-by-step review of the standard glassblowing process.

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The Best Smart Rigs Of 2020

Puffco Peak | Focus V Carta | High Five Duo

Looking for a Smart Rig but don’t know where to start? No worries! We’ve compiled years of experience using and selling these devices to help you find the perfect Smart Rig for your needs. In this post, we’ll cover the Puffco Peak, the Focus V Carta, and the High Five Duo. The criteria we will be looking at are: Functionality, Accessories, Atomizer, Warranty, and Customer Feedback. Keep in mind, each of these rigs comes with it’s own ups and downs. Keep reading to see our results!

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Five Top PuffCo Vaporizers and Accessories

PuffCo Peak Smart eRig in outstretched hand of smoke shop customer.

PuffCo products are beloved by vape shop fans across the nation for so many reasons. Their durable, advanced and intuitive products feature the best settings in every essential aspect. 710 Pipes is proud to sell top-quality PuffCo products in our online head shop and our three Denver-area locations.

Learn more about a five popular PuffCo products below – or head to our online smoke shop to purchase your own right away.

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What The Kids Are Calling It: Thirty-Four Creative Terms for Cannabis

Slang words for "cannabis" forming shape of a cannabis leaf

In our last article, we discussed the origin and controversy surrounding the word “marijuana” as compared to the scientific term “cannabis.” If neither term feels quite right, don’t worry. Our writers delved deep into every source on slang this week to bring you thirty-four unusual terms for cannabis, with brief explanations of each. You’re sure to find your new favorite name for your favorite plant below.

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What’s In a Name? Cannabis vs. Marijuana

Phone displaying online dictionary definition of "cannabis," resting on paper dictionary turned to definition of "marijuana"

The American cannabis industry is rapidly growing and evolving with every passing year. With the increased popularity and policy changes surrounding the plant, a number of controversies have also arisen. How much testing do we need before legalizing each form of cannabis? What should the legal age be? Is state-by-state legalization enough, or is Federal legalization an essential step?

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Five Top Cities for Cannabis Culture Tourism

Volkswagon van driving down dusty road at sunset on road trip toward popular cannabis culture destination

It’s no secret that the legal status of cannabis and CBD vary significantly from state to state. Colorado was the first to allow the possession of cannabis for adults above age 21, and establish a regulatory structure for the sale of recreational weed. Today, thirty-three states allow cannabis for medical use with a valid MMJ card. A third of those have also legalized the possession of cannabis for recreational adult use – with ten more states following Colorado’s lead in the past twelve years.

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Study Suggests Some Cannabis Strains May Help Combat COVID-19

Gloved scientist holds flask while studying coronavirus

The World Health Organization first announced Coronavirus, or COVID-19, as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on January 30th of this year. As of March 11th, coronavirus has been classified as an international pandemic. Over the past few months, the virus has devastated communities across the globe and claimed more than 330,000 lives to date – and its tragic toll is continually rising.

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Top Eight Reasons to Switch to Vaping

Woman facing away from camera and exhaling vaporizer cloud

Vaporizers debuted on the market in 2003 and have gradually increased in popularity since their introduction. Today, vaporizers have become a popular commodity throughout the nation and abroad. Millions of former cigarette smokers have made the switch to vaporizer devices, citing a variety of reasons for their change. However, when asked about the favorite attributes that vape pens have to offer, a few popular selling points emerge. Today’s article brings you the eight biggest reasons to consider making the switch from cigarettes to vaporizers yourself.

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