Robertson Drinking Giraffe Rig


Matt Robertson Drinking Giraffe Rig. 14mm joint.

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Matt Robertson

“Matt Robertson is best known for his matte finished caricature sculptures made of glass. His pieces are representative of iconic moments in his life; his ability to portray the glass animal sculpture in hilarious situations exude his fun-loving personality. Each piece captures his incredible energy and focus as a frozen moment in time.

Matt was first exposed to glass blowing at Sheridan College in Ontario where he spent three years enrolled in soft glass programs making sculptures and vases. After meeting his wife in Ontario, they packed their bags and moved to Eugene, Oregon where he was introduced to the heady pipe culture and the work of borosilicate glass began. In 2007, Matt went full throttle into functional glass and has developed himself into the great artist he is now. Now Matt resides in Evergreen, CO busting out some serious work!”

Stands at 10.5″ tall and has a 14mm joint.

Shipped in a Pelican Case.

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