O.P.M.S Gold Kratom Extract Capsules


O.P.M.S. Gold Kratom Extract Capsules are created through a unique process which concentrates the kratom plant’s alkaloids, resulting in a product that is more potent than traditional kratom powder. Each O.P.M.S. Gold Kratom Extract capsule contains 200 mg of kratom and can be purchased in two-packs or five-packs, both in-store and online. 710 Pipes online smoke shop offers deliveries to eligible locations across the United States, while our two Colorado smoke shops located in Denver and Northglenn offer an in-store selection of kratom products.


O.P.M.S. Gold Kratom Extract Capsules are a popular brand of kratom capsules that are made from a concentrated extract of the kratom plant. They’re made using a unique extraction process which concentrates the alkaloids found in the kratom plant, making it more potent than regular kratom powder. O.P.M.S. Gold Kratom Extract capsules each contain 200 mg of kratom, with two-packs and five-packs available for purchase in-store and in our online smoke shop. Visit our two Colorado smoke shops in Denver and Northglenn to browse our in-store kratom selection, or order O.P.M.S. Gold Kratom Extract Capsules online for deliveries to eligible throughout the United States!


PLEASE NOTE: Due to current bans, 710 Pipes cannot ship Kratom products to the locations listed below. If you are excluded from purchase and believe this to be in error, please contact us.

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  • San Diego, CA
  • Oceanside, CA
  • Parker, CO
  • Monument, CO
  • Sarasota County, FL
  • Altan, IL
  • Jerseyville, IL
  • Edwardsville, IL
  • Columbus Township, MI
  • Union, MI
  • Union County, MS
  • Franklin, NH
  • Ontario, OR

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