The Peak Travel Glass


The Puffco Peak Travel Glass. Anti-spill glass for on-the-go.

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The Peak Travel Glass allows you to travel safely with your glass filled with water, making it easier than ever to take on the go. Puffco’s patent-pending closure system features two positions accessible simply by rotating the mouthpiece. The open position lets you fill with water, inhale, empty water, and clean, where the closed position locks in your water so that none escapes during storage and transport. Pick up one today to avoid spilling your Peak water!

*Never fill Travel Glass while attached to the unit.

**Never disassemble mouthpiece from glass. Turn to the open position to clean, do not remove.

***Before storage or travel when in closed/locked position, flip your travel glass upside down to ensure no water comes out. Water damage to the Peak base is not covered under warranty.

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Weight .58 oz
Dimensions 3.598427 × 2.696852 × 6.750004 in


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