Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Types of Pipes, Vapes and Papers

Updated on July 19th 2023
Here at 710 Pipes, we offer every type of smoking product. With vaporizers, heady glass pipes and water pipes, rolling papers and much more, you’ll find everything you’re looking for at our Denver or Northglenn smoke shops and hundreds of our top products available for sale online. Whether you’re a longtime smoke shop lover or you’re new to the scene, you’ve likely been curious about the various modes of consumption available for use. Walking into a smoke shop with thousands of options can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Thankfully, our seasoned industry experts have the intel on different types of glass pipes, wraps and vaporizers. Review our comprehensive buyer’s guide to better understand your options for all three types of products to make the perfect choice for your preferences and budget.


Have you been thinking about getting a vaporizer? Maybe you’re trying to quit smoking and want to find a better solution for your nicotine fix. Maybe you’re tired of the stigma that’s been put on cigarettes, searching for a better alternative. Switching to a vaporizer versus cigarettes can also be a financial decision – the steep taxes on cigarettes can make the habit cost as much as $10 a day. If so, choosing a vaporizer over a daily pack of cigarettes could cut your yearly spending by nearly a third.
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Ultimately there are three different types of E-cigarette vapes: cigalikes, vape pens, and box mods (vape mods). We’ve broken down the advantages and drawbacks of each popular vaporizer option.


If you are completely new to vaping and are unsure if the solution is really going to work for you choosing a Cigalikes is a good place to start. A cigalike is an e-cigarette that resembles the look and feel of a traditional cigarette. They are simple and easy to use and give you a chance to become accustomed to vaping without spending a lot of money. They generally consist of two parts: the battery and the cartridge. Inside the cartridge is where the flavored E-liquid and resistance wire is, this resistance wire will turn the e-liquid into vapor. Most of the time, the battery is where the air sensor is, this air sensor will turn the device on when you take a puff. You can purchase Cigalikes at just about any gas station or drugstore. You can buy the completely disposable vapes, or you can go for the kit models that come with prefilled or refillable cartridges. Because they are so easy to use this is generally where most people start and sometimes choose to upgrade to a different more complex model. If you are only a social smoker, or just looking to try and e-cigarette for the first time one of the disposable vape models might be the best for you. They are cheap, easy to use, and available just about anywhere. However, if you’re looking for a better option that will give you a higher quality product with more nicotine per puff then we recommend the JUUL Model. Silver JUUL Vaporizer pen The JUUL is different from other disposable and traditional e-cigarettes due to the e-liquid formulation. This e-liquid contains more nicotine by weight than other e-cigarettes, it also uses nicotine salts as found in the tobacco leaf versus the freebase nicotine used in other E liquids. The combination allows your body to inhale the nicotine more quickly and achieve the same type of peak in your blood nicotine levels, that you would get from regular tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, you feel the same type of nicotine rush with the JUUL as you would with a regular cigarette. This makes it a great alternative for heavy smokers that are trying to quit. Cigalikes are great options for people that have never tried vaping before as well as those that are looking for small devices that can easily fit in their pocket, purse, or glove compartment. They’re also great for people that want to quit smoking and still looking for the traditional cigarette feel. They are also great for the type of person that is watching their budget and doesn’t want to break the bank but still wants a quality alternative to nicotine.

Vape Pens

Silver SMOK vape pen and boxes for silver and black models Vape Pens are probably the most popular type of electronic cigarette. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles and last longer than your traditional Cigalike. They also work well as an upgrade from Cigalikes, once people become familiar with the vaping process the vape pen is the next natural upgrade. Vape Pens range in size from the typical dimensions of a pen to the size of a cigar. This makes them just as portable as the Cigalike but with a much stronger battery life. Most Vape Pens come in 650mAh, 900mAh, 1100mAh, 1300mAh and even larger sizes. This gives plenty of battery power for many users which should last all day or more depending on how much you vape per day. This makes Vape Pens last longer in between refills or in between changing cartridges with the Cigalike. Most Vape Pens come with refillable tanks which gives you the opportunity to try many of the different great e-Juice flavors we offer at 710 Pipes. This makes vape pens more cost-efficient than buying a disposable vape cartridge like you do with Cigalike or buying a traditional pack of cigarettes. Vape Pens give a great vaping experience as they give plenty of vape volume, enough to take big puffs and get plenty of satisfaction. They allow you to try many different flavors more often. They have a better battery life than the regular Cigalike. They are very portable and easy to use and are the natural step up from your regular Cigalike.

Vape Mod (Box Mods)

SMOK Alien vape mod with box Just like how the Vape Pen was a natural upgrade from the Cigalike, the Vapor Mod (which is also referred to as Mechanical Vape Mods), is the natural step up from the Vape Pen. Generally, it is a larger, and a more powerful device that produces more vapor, improves throat hits, and enhances e-juice flavors. Many mods also come with the ability to customize the power and voltage for each hit. This allows you to get a cooler vape, a warmer vape or much more vape volume. With so many additional features there can be some drawbacks, mainly with the size and the cost. Due to the increased battery power the Vape Mods are not as portable as the Vape Pen. Many experienced users choose to keep the Vape Mod as an at-home tool and use of Vape Pen as an on the go unit. If you are a beginner, the Vape Mod might not be the best option for you at this time. The Vape Mods are used by more experienced vapors who want the extra power out of their cigarette. This additional power gives them the ability to take larger hits and customize the functionality. Therefore, beginner vapers might find these functionalities confusing and overwhelming. Vape Mods are the experienced vapers choice, with much larger battery life, and the control to manage both wattage and/or temperature of the coils. If you’re a beginner this may be daunting and overwhelming as getting it right can mean getting over the learning curve and much more practice. However, if you are serious about vaping and want the best possible experience, then Vape Mods are for you.


Hand pipes made of assorted woods like Meerschaum Pipes are generally made from one of three materials: glass, wood, and metal. There are pros and cons to each type of instrument that any user would be wise to consider, to ensure that they’re getting the best experience possible. Today we’ll compare the three most popular materials used for pipes.
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Glass Pipes

Those who prefer glass pipes are in luck, as these are by far the most common. Most pipe shops carry more glass pipes than any other type – 710pipes has a huge variety of these for sale at both our Northglenn and Denver locations. Seasoned smokers tend to prefer glass pipes, because glass in inert and allows for a pure, unadulterated flavor. Glass pipes also tend to have a smoother feel than those made from other materials. To keep this standard of quality, you’ll need to avoid accumulating too much built up resin from prior uses. However, these pipes are by far the easiest to clean. Just leave your piece in a bowl of 90% isopropyl alcohol before bed, and every bit of debris should melt away by morning. This usually does the trick, but if the build-up is extra tough, adding rock salt to the alcohol will give that necessary boost in power. Variety of Glass Hand Pipes Sold By 710 Pipes Glassblowing is a well-respected and highly skilled art form. Glass artists put time and care put into each heady glass piece you’ll find. They’re hand-crafted and highly customizable, with a wide range of shapes, colors, and even pop-culture icons already in stock. However, depending on the amount of time, skill, and material in any glass pipe, some glass pieces can be more expensive than those made from other materials. Glass pipes can break rather easily, and therefore need to be handled and stored with care, though pricier pipes are generally thicker and more durable.

Wood Pipes

Wood Hand Pipes Sold by 710 Pipes Wood pipes have an old-school fifties-vibe,and have been rising in popularity of late. The classic look and smooth feel of a wood pipe is certainly hard to resist. They also tend to add a smokey, natural flavor to whatever you’re smoking – which some really enjoy, and others would rather avoid. I personally love my wood pipe and would recommend adding one to any pipe aficionado’s collection. If you enjoy the style and unique flavor, it may be your new favorite. However, unlike their glass counterparts, cleaning these pipes can be unusually tricky. Since them soaking overnight isn’t an option, you’ll have to scrub at it vigorously with a firm brush – and even that isn’t always enough. Since the resin is very difficult to fully remove, it tends to accumulate over time, as does the non-so-subtle smell. If you don’t mind that familiar aroma eventually permeating the space where your pipes are stored, this won’t be much of an issue for you. Otherwise, this may not be your top choice.

Metal Pipes

Close-up of Black Pyptek Titan Metal Pipe from 710 Pipes Online Smoke Shop There are quite a few advantages to metal pipes compared to those described above. For starters, these will almost always be the least expensive pipes on the market. Novice smokers on a budget can affordably start here. The sleek appearance and feel of these pipes in your fingers certainly have their draw. Metal pipes can often be disassembled into smaller pieces. This is beneficial for those who seek to transport or store their pipes in small containers – disassembly makes this more feasible than ever before. Like glass pipes, metal ones can be cleaned with ease with an isopropyl alcohol soak. Disassembly allows for smaller containers for soaking, but regardless, the cleaning process for metal pipes is as painless at it gets. Another major perk is the toughness of these almost unbreakable instruments. For anyone who has heard the heartbreaking sound of a glass pipe falling to its demise, the unaffected clang of a metal pipe hitting concrete will sound like music to your ears. Their toughness and lasting durability are hard to pass up, especially for their comparatively low price. Despite all of these great qualities in most metal pipes, some are certainly better than others. The type of metal used in their creation varies from piece to piece, and some may leave a bitter taste in your mouth (literally). Remember, the metal taste varies by the quality of the metal used and will be much more noticeable in some pipes than others. If you’re dead-set on the purest possible taste, glass pipes are almost certainly your best bet. If you’re still leaning toward metal above the alternatives, representatives at your nearby head shop can help you find the best options that this category has to offer.


Rolling paper packages from top brands like OCB and RAW While our long-lasting, quality glassware is the best bet for most customers, some may only be looking to drop a little pocket change, or to enjoy a weekend in the 303 without bringing home paraphernalia. For that, we’ve still got you covered with a wide variety of rolling papers. While papers tend to be pretty similar in shape, size and pricing, there are important distinctions between packs that significantly impact your smoking experience.
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To learn more about the popular brands of rolling papers we offer, check out our paper page! Below we’ll review the key characteristics of the most popular rolling paper materials.

First, A Few Basics

Some papers are also more porous than others, which affects the rate at which they burn, and can also impact their sensitivity to moisture. Rolling papers sometimes contain additives that help to stabilize them, and moderate the levels of smoke, ash, and burn speed. If papers are white, it generally indicates that they contain calcium carbonate or chlorine, affecting the natural hue. Flavored papers add a tasty, titillating element to your smoking session, which many customers crave. However, as with white papers, this does indicate added chemicals that aren’t strictly necessary for a good joint. Many top companies do their best to minimize those ingredients so that you can breathe easy, and the sales team at any of our local head shops can always help you find the best brands. Brown papers will generally have less of these added chemicals, if any. Their simplicity of makeup makes them easier on your lungs, and leaves you with less of an aftertaste. Many blunt wraps are lined with tobacco. This slows the rate of burning significantly, which is a big perk. However, mixing nicotine and cannabis can be a little tough on the body. If you’re a tobacco and cannabis lover, and vodka-Redbull flashbacks don’t make you shudder, lined blunt wraps may be the perfect pick.

Rice Papers

Rice papers tend to be the thinnest option you’ll find. This makes them a bit harder to roll, and to get a good grip on while smoking, but your lungs will thank you for it. Despite their thinness, rice paper gives that nice, slow burn that many of us enjoy, letting you relax and take your time while you puff and pass. There’s also virtually no aftertaste, leaving the flavor of your herb unadulterated. Damp air won’t work with rice papers, so if you’re looking to smoke in the humid heat or rain, look elsewhere. Given all of these factors, rice papers can be very hit or miss, depending on your circumstances. For many smokers seeking a clean, slow burn, they’re well worth a little extra effort. Rice Rolling Paper on Brown Table Holding Tobacco

Wood Pulp

For over a hundred years, wood pulp has been a standard material to use in a variety of household contexts. They can even be mixed with other types of fiber, and varieties with or without bleaching (brown or white, respectively). Solid and textured, wood pulp joints hold their shape well. If you’re in a humid climate, or if your hands get sweaty often, wood pulp papers are able to withstand that moisture fairly well. They burn pretty quickly compared to other options. As guides at any head shop will warn you, wood pulp can be really abrasive to the lungs – as may be expected when inhaling wood.


Industrial hemp has been increasingly popular in the last few decades. Hemp rolling papers are my personal favorite to use for rolling joints. There are a few strong advantages that hemp lovers credit for their loyalty. They’re rarely bleached – mainly sold in a light brown color – allowing for a clean burn free of excess chemical additives. They’re environmentally conscious, as they’re made using hemp fiber; your choice to get faded with these won’t waste any trees! They have a medium burn rate – faster than rice papers, but more steady and less likely to need relighting. There’s sometimes an aftertaste when you finish a joint rolled in hemp paper, but it’s mild, and won’t mess with your burning herb’s sweet scent. In fact, many people love the faint, musky aftertaste added by hemp. Hemp papers are a bit thicker than rice papers. They’re also a little tougher in texture. Both of these elements make them easier to roll and grip. It’s still a good idea to avoid humidity with these – wood pulp is still your best bet in that way, if damp air just can’t be avoided.


Contrary to misconception, clear rolling papers are not made from plastic. They contain 100% plant cellulose and are completely safe to smoke. Every adult smoker owes it to themselves to try this once. There’s something oddly gratifying about holding that transparent tube of rolled-up reefer in your fingers, and seeing exactly what you’re smoking as it burns. While the exact experience will vary a bit by brand, I’ve always found that cellulose offers one of the best burns out there – very slow, steady and smooth. If you’re seeking a unique smoking experience, cellulose is a clear standout.


With so many vaporizers currently on the market choosing which one is best for you can at times be challenging. But keep in mind the main factors such as your budget, ease-of-use, effectiveness, and portability. At 710 Pipes, we understand that each and every customer has unique needs, tastes and preferences. One person’s perfect smoking device is different than the next. We hope our guide to rolling paper, hand pipe and vaporizer options has helped you narrow down the choices to consider. If you have any questions or need any further advice about smoking devices and accessories, stop by our smoke shop in Northglenn or our Denver head shop (near D.U.) seven days a week! We’d be happy to help you find the products that fit both your preferences and your price range.
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