High Bastard Incycler #1


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Dive into the epitome of glass engineering with the High Bastard Incycler, a masterpiece designed for those who seek both aesthetic allure and unparalleled performance in their smoking experience. Crafted by the illustrious High Bastard Boro, this incycler stands tall at 10 inches, promising a fusion of smooth functionality and striking beauty.
Feature Benefit
10 Inches Tall Perfectly sized for balanced handling and impressive functionality.
Chunky 14mm Joint Offers a robust and secure connection, ensuring a seamless fit with your preferred attachments.
Gorgeous Fuming The incycler’s stunning fuming captures and reflects light, offering a mesmerizing visual experience.
Unique Millie Chip Each piece features a distinctive millie chip, highlighting the artisanal craftsmanship of High Bastard.
Internal Recycling Designed for smooth, cool hits, the internal recycling system enhances filtration and smoke cooling.
Why Choose the High Bastard Incycler? The High Bastard Incycler isn’t just a rig; it’s a testament to the harmonious blend of form and function. Its internal recycling system ensures every hit is smoother and cooler, while the chunky 14mm joint and exquisite fuming speak to its quality and elegance. Ideal for enthusiasts and collectors alike, this piece is a standout addition to any collection. Elevate Your Experience: Complement your High Bastard Incycler with premium accessories from 710 Pipes. From high-quality cleaning supplies to ensure your piece remains pristine, to the finest dab tools for a flawless session, find everything you need to enhance your experience. A Showcase of Glass Artistry Awaiting Your Collection The High Bastard Incycler invites you to elevate your sessions with its blend of superior functionality and breathtaking aesthetics. Ready to transform your smoking experience, it stands as a beacon of craftsmanship and performance. Add to Cart Now for a taste of refined smoothness and visual splendor. Or Visit Your Local Store Today!

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