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New Colorado Bill Could Ban Firing Someone Over Legal Cannabis Use

Recreational cannabis use has been legal in Colorado for some time now. As far as the state of Colorado is concerned, cannabis and nicotine can both be legally consumed by adults above the age of 21. In other words, anything from a blunt to the PAX offerings of your favorite vape shop are totally permitted. Colorado law also says an employer can’t fire someone for things they do legally in the privacy of their own home, but there’s a loophole. Since cannabis is not yet legalized at a federal level, some employers argue that firing someone for off-duty smoking is still legal. State Representative Jovan Melton hopes to change that with a new bill.

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Colorado Researchers Sending Hemp and Coffee to Space in 2020

Front Range Biosciences is a Colorado-based biotech company, striving to partner cutting-edge scientific research and development with the growth of in-demand crops like hemp and coffee. The company recently announced their plans to partner with Space Cells – a nearby tech startup – and the University of Colorado Boulder for an exciting new project. The three organizations will collaboratively launch more than 480 plant cell cultures into outer space. Using an incubator designed to maintain optimal growth conditions, these cultures will be loaded onto a SpaceX cargo flight, scheduled to launch in March of 2020. This mission will resupply essentials for astronauts presently docked at the International Space Station.

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Broomfield Makes CBD Development History with 400,000 Square Foot Lab

Hemp, marijuana and cannabidiol have similar roots and are often confused by members of the public who are still green to cannabis culture. The three substances differ in a few key ways. More specifically, CBD differs from marijuana in its composition. As smoke shop regulars may know, THC is the component of marijuana with the propensity for psychoactive effects. Contrastingly, CBD contains no greater than 0.3% THC. CBD reached the threshold of federal legalization last year – a major milestone for the up-and-coming substance. And perhaps no community has embraced the product more than our beloved community of Colorado.

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Marijuana and Flying: A Tale of Two Governments

Since the start of 2019, the United States had found itself in an unprecedented situation. More than half of the 50 states now allow some level of legal marijuana use. It’s a stoner’s paradise if there ever was one right? Well, not exactly. Take for instance the issue of flying. Or, more precisely, flying with marijuana. Let’s say you head to our lovely airport in Denver to grab a flight to LA for a weekend of fun in the sun. You’ve got the 1 ounce of cannabis that you’re allowed to carry according to Colorado law in your bag, along with rolling papers, glass pipes and other peripherals you picked up legally at your local head shop. And you’re flying to another state where recreational use of weed is also legally permitted. No problem, right? Wrong.

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Twelve Top Presidential Candidates On Cannabis Legalization

Nearly fifteen months remain until the 2020 Presidential election, but the campaign trail’s already heating up with more than a dozen Democratic hopefuls striving to unseat President Donald Trump in his bid for re-election. While we get to know the current candidates and their take on issues dear to us, it’s worth considering their respective takes on cannabis and efforts toward its legalization – both Federally and in states across the nation. It’s time to explore the question on all of our minds – who’s for 420 in 2020? We’ve listed twelve top presidential candidates and detailed their reported stances on marijuana below.

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Six Stellar Spots to Hit this 4/20

As you’re probably well-aware, Colorado’s favorite high holiday is fast approaching. It’s time to get ready and weigh your options for the best possible bashes in town. Thankfully, we’ve done your homework for you and found some of the sweetest spots to celebrate with the stoner community. Here are six spectacular events that you should consider hitting when the holiday rolls around.

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Why Denver Should Push for Cannabis Juice Bars (and a Higher Plant Count)

Are you tired of coughing up a lung from smoking your medicine through a bong? Fatigued from countless trips to the Head Shop? Dissatisfied with your vaporizer? Sick of waiting an hour for your edibles to kick in? Well… I’m mostly ok with everything, too, but as it turns out, there’s another method of consuming Cannabis that scientists are saying is not only healthier for you, but actually allows your body to absorb more weed than you’re used to.

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Update: Initiative 300 Denver Approves Second Business for Public Consumption

A few months ago, on 710Pipes we had an article on a groundbreaking proposition that Denver voters passed into action in late 2016. It was called Initiative 300 and it allowed – for the first time ever in US history – a chance for businesses to apply for temporary licenses that would permit public consumption of cannabis in established venues like bars and restaurants. The electoral victory was celebrated enthusiastically by the populous city’s voters, but legislators weren’t satisfied with the outcome. What followed the election was a new series of red tape and publicity stunts that would practically confine the new experiment to only one successful business. Until now.

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First of The Kind: Denver’s Emergence Into Public Cannabis Consumption

Late in 2016, Denver, CO became the first city in the United States to approve the consumption of Cannabis in public areas with the passing of a four-year pilot program called Initiative 300. Over 300,000 citizens rolled in – many procrastinating until the final hours (can’t say I’m surprised) – skewing polling results projected during the election. The polls are in – and tourists and renters alike are now celebrating in specifically-allocated venues – but the new laws didn’t come without some opposition and a few guidelines to follow.

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420 Celebrations – Local, National and World Wide

You can’t deny the impact that 420 has had around the world. In every state, country and continent people unite together to celebrate this magical little herb. Living in Denver means you are completely in luck when it comes to finding an awesomely hazy way to celebrate. Take a look at some of the events going on this weekend and throughout the rest of the year and don’t forget to stop by 710pipe locations for customer appreciation day where Pipe Dream glass will clean your favorite pipe for free and you can enjoy food, music and much more.

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