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The Story of Illadelph Glass: Part Two

In Part one of our look at Illadelph Glass, we went over their history, their reasons for and relationship with Philadelphia (which extends right to the company name “Illadelph”), some of the reasons their pipes are so expensive and a few ways to tell if you have a real or a fake Illadelph pipe. In Part 2 the team at the 710 Pipes headshop in Denver look at the cultural impact these high-end glass bongs have had and why some people are willing to spend their savings to pick one up.

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The Story of Illadelph Glass: Part One

Illadelph Glass has been around since 2002. In the years since their founding they have made a name for themselves through their many innovations and their unrelenting commitment to producing what they call “high end… functional borosilicate glass art”. Their innovations include the introduction of coil condensers, disc perc technology, multi-hole bowl designs, pyramid percs, up stem ash catchers and more which have made their bongs some of the most highly sought after on the US market. In this post the team at the 710 Pipes headshop in Denver take a close look at maybe the most important bong manufacturer in the US.

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How to Measure Bong Size and Gender

If you ever plan on upgrading your existing bong it will be important to know both its joint size and gender. Otherwise, you may wind up with a new bowl that doesn’t fit. Now you may not be aware that bongs have genders but they do. Or more specifically, the joint used to connect the bowl to the stem is either “male” or “female”. So, if you buy a new bowl or stem from our online head shop and you don’t take the gender into consideration you’ll wind up having to return it for another. Read on to learn how to identify the gender of your bong and how to measure the joint size.

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What Are the Benefits of Bigger Bongs?

It’s the age-old question no one seems to have a definitive answer to: is bigger better? It’s a question heard in bedrooms and boardrooms the world over and one that can apply to anything from anatomy to cars to homes and even bongs. Because bongs come in so many different sizes these days it’s something you have to consider when purchasing a new one. But before you can decide if a bigger bong is right for you, you need to understand the potential benefits of having one. So in this post, the team at Denver’s premier headshop will list and discuss those benefits.

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How to Travel with a Bong – Our Top Hacks

The recreational use of weed may be legal where you live. Or, at the very least cannabis may have been decriminalized. But that doesn’t mean you will find smooth sailing if you want to take the bong you just bought at our pipe shop with you when you travel.

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Heady Glass vs. Scientific Glass: Which is Right for You?

In your parent’s day (or your grandparent’s day as the case may be) cannabis was a controversial subject. People who enjoyed a good buzz had to buy their weed on the streets of Denver from some very shady types and roll joints that could be easily concealed and smoked once they got to a safe place, like their friend’s attic. Bongs were rare because they were difficult to hide from parents and po-lice alike and difficult to transport in a safe, discreet fashion.

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Glass Bongs vs. Silicone Bongs: How Do They Compare?

For 50 years, glass bongs have ruled the roost, and why not? Glass bongs are attractive, effective, and – if they’re properly cared for – durable as all get out. In recent years, however, other materials have emerged to try and claim a place at the table including acrylic, metal, and bamboo.

But one alternative material has managed to garner more attention from patrons of our Denver headshop than all the others: silicone. But why exactly is that? And are silicone bongs poised to knock glass bongs from the mountaintop after their incredible run at #1?

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