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How Has Coronavirus Affected Colorado Cannabis Sales?

On March 11th, COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization with approximately 118,000 confirmed cases and 4,300 deaths worldwide. Less than four weeks later, both totals have increased more than tenfold with over a million cases and 60,000 casualties in total. With confirmed cases of COVID-19 rising at a startling rate each day, communities around the globe have implemented significant changes in their economic and social structuring to help reduce the spread of the highly contagious virus.

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Do Marijuana Users Gain More Weight Than Non-Users?

There’s a pervasive stereotype affecting the general public’s perception of smoke shop lovers like myself – regardless of its legitimacy. Many seem to assume that those who frequently consume marijuana, and are thereby subject to frequent munchies, will ultimately weigh more than those who don’t. At long last, a study by the University of Michigan sought to investigate the accuracy of this allegation, and determine whether those who steer clear of cannabis are, by comparison, the lightweights.

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New Colorado Legislation Expands List of Conditions Approved for MMJ

The American opioid epidemic has damaged and ended countless lives across the nation, disproportionately ravaging communities affected by poverty, economic depression or limited access to social mobility. The lack of sufficient healthcare in many American communities further exacerbates the increasing reliance on prescription painkillers to manage the effects of chronic illnesses – and the inability for users to cease their reliance on addictive painkillers, whether or not the original symptoms remain.

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Six Stellar Spots to Hit this 4/20

As you’re probably well-aware, Colorado’s favorite high holiday is fast approaching. It’s time to get ready and weigh your options for the best possible bashes in town. Thankfully, we’ve done your homework for you and found some of the sweetest spots to celebrate with the stoner community. Here are six spectacular events that you should consider hitting when the holiday rolls around.

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The Scourge of Synthetic Marijuana Descends on Denver

For hour after hour ambulance lights sliced through the night in New Haven, Connecticut. Emergency rooms in hospitals just a stone’s throw from the stately halls of Yale University were overwhelmed with victims, many of them vomiting and convulsing. It had all the earmarks of a chemical gas attack. And in an indirect way that’s what it was. But this particular chemical attack didn’t come courtesy of a Scud missile or terrorist’s makeshift explosive device. No. The victims of this chemical attack administered the poison agent to themselves. Its name: K2, synthetic marijuana.

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Update: Initiative 300 Denver Approves Second Business for Public Consumption

A few months ago, on 710Pipes we had an article on a groundbreaking proposition that Denver voters passed into action in late 2016. It was called Initiative 300 and it allowed – for the first time ever in US history – a chance for businesses to apply for temporary licenses that would permit public consumption of cannabis in established venues like bars and restaurants. The electoral victory was celebrated enthusiastically by the populous city’s voters, but legislators weren’t satisfied with the outcome. What followed the election was a new series of red tape and publicity stunts that would practically confine the new experiment to only one successful business. Until now.

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Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative Status

For years now, Denver has been working on getting a vast community of businesses together where we can all socially enjoy our great buds with our great buds, together in a public setting. It’s been a long wait, but the movement has been gaining traction and within the next couple months a handful of businesses that have already applied for their license should be up and running and within a year (if everything goes as planned) there should be an exciting variety of locations where social consumption is allowed, encouraged, and the heart of their business. All good news; however, the road up to getting to this point has not been easy.

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