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How Does Cannabis Affect Appetite?

Can our Northglenn smoke shop truly help impact your appetite? And what are the medical advantages, as well as disadvantages, to this superpower?

There are a lot of mumbo jumbo claims made about marijuana that aren’t backed by any science. But THC’s and CBD’s impacts on hunger are actually based in reality.

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Government Grants Fund $3 Million in CBD Research

Many cannabis lovers advocate the plant for its expansive range of reported health benefits. From psychological afflictions like PTSD, ADHD and depression, to physical symptoms like inflammation and chronic pain, users report improvement in a host of difficult maladies. However, many critics of cannabis bypass the pipe shop visits, citing lacking scientific support of largely anecdotal evidence from Mary Jane’s devoted fan-base. Ironically, laws prohibiting the use of the misunderstood substance were largely based in stigma and underdeveloped research – but these same laws prevented the very research that would help uproot them.

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Do Marijuana Users Gain More Weight Than Non-Users?

Updated on July 19th 2023

There’s a pervasive stereotype affecting the general public’s perception of smoke shop lovers like myself – regardless of its legitimacy. Many seem to assume that those who frequently consume marijuana, and are thereby subject to frequent munchies, will ultimately weigh more than those who don’t. At long last, a study by the University of Michigan sought to investigate the accuracy of this allegation, and determine whether those who steer clear of cannabis are, by comparison, the lightweights.

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CBD: Full Spectrum Vs Isolate

Cannabidiol, or CBD as it’s more commonly known, is just one of many naturally occurring compounds exclusive to both cannabis and hemp plants. The compound itself has shown beneficial to a staggering number of common maladies, and being a “unregulated” chemical, can be sold over the counter. Not surprisingly, a still-growing industry has amassed around the natural compound – inviting interest from industrialists, politicians, researchers and sick people alike.

But as interest in CBD has risen, so have debates in a topic getting more attention every year: what format of the product is best and just how should CBD be administered.

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Why Denver Should Push for Cannabis Juice Bars (and a Higher Plant Count)

Are you tired of coughing up a lung from smoking your medicine through a bong? Fatigued from countless trips to the Head Shop? Dissatisfied with your vaporizer? Sick of waiting an hour for your edibles to kick in? Well… I’m mostly ok with everything, too, but as it turns out, there’s another method of consuming Cannabis that scientists are saying is not only healthier for you, but actually allows your body to absorb more weed than you’re used to.

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The Indian Hemp Drugs Commission

The last few decades have seen an impressive rise in the investigation of cannabis’s potential for medicinal value as well as it’s suspected potential for abuse. Given the thousands of years that cannabis has been in the human pharmacopoeia, however, it isn’t surprising that the debate about the plant’s influence has been of major interest to politicians before. The Indian Hemp Drugs Commission was set up by the British Empire over one hundred and twenty years ago to assess the then-popular concern about the herb’s proliferate use among all classes of Indian society, who’s ancient and wide-spread social incorporation of the plant seemed to pose a possible threat to the stability of British imperial rule.

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Indica Versus Sativa: What’s in A Name?

The cannabis legalization movement has spread like wildfire across the globe, and as a consequence, novice smokers and aficionados alike have been introduced to a staggering cornucopia of seemingly endless varieties of the plant and the pipes and rolling papers that allow for its consumption. Names like Bubba Kush and Girl Scout Cookies adorn reefer labels and can understandably confuse anyone not well-versed in the lingo. Today we’ll check out the meaning behind these names and why specific strains never seem to stick around for too long, no matter how in vogue.

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Cannabis Versus Alcohol: Is There A Healthier Vice?

Cannabis and alcohol both have been used by practically every culture for millennia. Both occur naturally without intervention and have played prominent roles is just about every facet of human society at one time or another: from their appreciable roles in scientific innovations to religious practices across the globe. Both have a strong capacity for altering consciousness, but is one of them quantifiably more dangerous than the other? Let’s take a look and find out.

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Surprising Diseases Cured by Cannabis

For decades, healers, shamans, alternative practitioner and the like, have been prescribing cannabis to their patrons due to the well-known healing and restorative benefits. It hasn’t been until recent years that it has become more accepted in the mainstream medical fields today.

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