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A Short History of the Herb Vaporizer

Vaping is associated with the 21st century to almost the same degree as digital technology. It’s a thoroughly modern phenomenon made possible by various subtle technological advances and anyone who tells you otherwise is just blowing vape clouds up your you-know-what. Or are they?

Most anyone you ask in your local vape shop will be happy to tell you that the whole vape thing is a response to the rise of contemporary cannabis culture. But the truth is vaping has been with us for thousands of years. That doesn’t mean that the ancients had contemporary-looking vaporizers, but rather that they understood and practiced the art of vaporizing using a variety of low-tech methods.

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Six States Likely to Legalize Cannabis in 2021

Updated on July 19th 2023

To learn the outcomes of the cannabis legalization measures discussed below, review the following summary of the 2021 election results.

We’ve heard 2020 described as “unprecedented” since the onset of the pandemic sent us lurching forward, ready or not, into an uncharted chapter of human history. While many record-breaking, unfamiliar and otherwise unexpected circumstances of the past year weren’t exactly positive, there were still a few wins worth celebrating. This is especially for the cannabis legalization movement. Last November, four U.S. states – Arizona, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota – voted to legalize cannabis for recreational adult use. A fifth state – Mississippi – legalized cannabis as a treatment option for approved medical conditions. This means that thirty-six states and the District of Colombia have now legalized medical marijuana, with sixteen of these legally granting adult residents aged twenty-one and older the right to recreational use.

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What’s In a Name? Cannabis vs. Marijuana

The American cannabis industry is rapidly growing and evolving with every passing year. With the increased popularity and policy changes surrounding the plant, a number of controversies have also arisen. How much testing do we need before legalizing each form of cannabis? What should the legal age be? Is state-by-state legalization enough, or is Federal legalization an essential step?

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Montana’s Fight to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

Updated on July 19th 2023

Understandably, COVID-19 complicated the process of legalizing cannabis for states that have yet to do so. While more than two thirds of American States legalized the sale and use of cannabis for medicinal and/or recreational purposes before the pandemic’s onset, other states were slower to reach this milestone. Many advocates remained undeterred by obstacles to the legalization process. Unfortunately, social distancing created unprecedented barriers which undoubtedly complicated the road to cannabis legalization for many U.S. states. Cannabis-related campaigns stalled or stopped altogether in many locations stalled or stopped altogether in the months preceding 2020’s election – including those in Idaho, Ohio, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Nebraska. Advocates in these affected areas announced their resolution to continue legalization efforts in 2021. Other states weren’t so easily deterred by the unexpected virus – including the historically right-leaning state of Montana, where advocates continued working tirelessly toward cannabis legalization in the coming year.

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MMJ Advocate Writes Children’s Book About Cannabis

Updated on September 22nd 2023

Susan Soares has served as a longtime local advocate within the cannabis community. She was asked a question about how to broach the subject of cannabis use to children when interviewed about the industry on The Woody Show. While Soares answered the question sufficiently, she’s since reflected on the discontent she felt with her response. This interview led her to the question of cannabis – and how we can most effectively broach the subject of its legal use with children throughout the United States. The changing regulatory standards surrounding cannabis and its medicinal value have increased the openness of its use for a variety of ailments, both physical and psychological. However, as any educator or parent knows, the way we speak to children has tremendous power in the ways we view the world around us. From that day forward, Soares set out to tackle the difficult subject: what’s the best way to talk about cannabis with our nation’s kids?

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Historic MORE Act Reaches U.S. Congressional Victory

Earlier this month, members of United States Congress made history with their vote on cannabis-related legislature. By a majority of twenty-four to ten, the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement Act was approved by the United States House Judiciary Committee. With this vote, members of Congress have moved to federally deschedule marijuana by removing it from the Controlled Substances Act. If the bill can pass the Senate, states will be allowed to make their own rulings regarding cannabis and enforce them at the state level, free of undue complications from overarching federal limits.

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Erase Denver Pot Convictions

This was recently emailed to us from the City of Denver. We felt it was important to share and encourage everyone affected to take advantage of this program. -Russ


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The ABCs of CBD

Nationwide advocates of CBD rave about its benefits for a broad range of maladies, physical and psychological. For many afflicted with arthritis, epilepsy, anxiety or countless other ailments, CBD has been life-changing, and the benefits felt by users are heralded without any doubt. The success stories, coupled with a lack of side effects or propensity for addiction, have fueled countless users to adopt CBD in their own treatment regiment – and spread the craze to others still. Better yet, unlike THC-heavy products, pure CBD can be found at vape shops and head shops like 710Pipes. While CBD has been life-changing for many, and countless credible sources have conducted research in support of their claims, federal administrators have been slow to meet the public’s demand for research into cannabidiol’s efficacy. PubMed has published research affirming CBD’s role in alleviating the symptoms of more than fifty ailments. As the opioid epidemic rages across the nation, having a non-addictive, non-intoxicating alternative with a significant capacity for relief has been a godsend to users everywhere.

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Why Denver Should Push for Cannabis Juice Bars (and a Higher Plant Count)

Are you tired of coughing up a lung from smoking your medicine through a bong? Fatigued from countless trips to the Head Shop? Dissatisfied with your vaporizer? Sick of waiting an hour for your edibles to kick in? Well… I’m mostly ok with everything, too, but as it turns out, there’s another method of consuming Cannabis that scientists are saying is not only healthier for you, but actually allows your body to absorb more weed than you’re used to.

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Update: Initiative 300 Denver Approves Second Business for Public Consumption

A few months ago, on 710Pipes we had an article on a groundbreaking proposition that Denver voters passed into action in late 2016. It was called Initiative 300 and it allowed – for the first time ever in US history – a chance for businesses to apply for temporary licenses that would permit public consumption of cannabis in established venues like bars and restaurants. The electoral victory was celebrated enthusiastically by the populous city’s voters, but legislators weren’t satisfied with the outcome. What followed the election was a new series of red tape and publicity stunts that would practically confine the new experiment to only one successful business. Until now.

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