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Taking a Weed Tolerance Break? Here’s How to Do It Right

Whether we’re talking about travel partying or eating your favorite food, too much of a good thing is never a good thing. The same can be said for smoking weed. Regular cannabis consumers know all too well that at a certain point, their tolerance for THC goes up which means they need ever greater quantities of herb to achieve the same buzz. Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it. In this brief guide, the team at our Denver headshop location looks into the weed tolerance break, what it is, and how to make the most of it.

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No Rolling Paper? Try These Nine Alternatives

Everybody reaches the last paper sometime. Even those who prefer joints and smoke every day – those people you’d think always have a generous stash of papers in one of the kitchen cabinets – run out of rolling papers now and then. Usually at the least convenient time: like when two feet of snow have fallen in the last 24 hours and they’d need a snowmobile to get to a headshop or convenience store. In situations like that the issue becomes one of finding or creating alternative ways to enjoy your cannabis. In this post, the team at the 710 Pipes in Denver examines eight rolling paper alternatives.

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The Many Different Ways You Can Enjoy Weed

People have been smoking weed for thousands of years. The unbroken line of continuous cannabis consumption goes back to the ancient Chinese and Japanese, up through the Syrians of the 12th century and right to Napoleon’s troops who needed to find an alternative to alcohol when he invaded Muslim Egypt 200 years ago. During the 1960s and 1970s cannabis, along with the headshop, became integral parts of post-WWII youth culture and its popularity has continued to spread up to the present day where its use has become – dare we say it – mainstream.

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How to Inhale Weed (Yes, There is a Right Way)

People come to our Denver headshop all the time wondering why they go through so much weed. The first thing we tell them is that they may not be inhaling correctly!

Our head shop knows all about inhaling weed firsthand. There are two main mistakes people make when trying to inhale weed:

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First Time Smoking Weed? Tips You Should Follow

Updated on September 22nd 2023

There are decades, even centuries of mystique surrounding weed that draws people to want to try it. The fact that it was illegal for so long only adds to that mystique.

But mystique or not, once they smoke it for the first time most people either love it or they’re not impressed and move on. There is a third type of reaction, however, that occurs in a tiny percentage of first-time smokers: they get a bit freaked out by the way it alters their perceptions.

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What’s a Grinder and Why Do I Need One?

Whether you’re new to the smoke shop scene or you’ve been around the block for decades, you’re likely aware of the variety of options from one smoking session to the next. Some prefer to imbibe their favorite legal herb through water pipes, while others swear by concentrates and smart rigs. Many smokers stick with the simple pleasure of a well-rolled joint. No matter how you smoke it, the impact felt from any particular herb can vary significantly depending on the way it’s imbibed. As so many of our seasoned smoke-shop regulars will tell you, a quality grinder is essential for any self-respecting smoker, and it’ll boost the quality of any smoking session.

What exactly is a grinder – and why do you need one? We’ll break it down for you (just this once).

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Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Types of Pipes, Vapes and Papers

Updated on July 19th 2023

Here at 710 Pipes, we offer every type of smoking product. With vaporizers, heady glass pipes and water pipes, rolling papers and much more, you’ll find everything you’re looking for at our Denver or Northglenn smoke shops and hundreds of our top products available for sale online.

Whether you’re a longtime smoke shop lover or you’re new to the scene, you’ve likely been curious about the various modes of consumption available for use. Walking into a smoke shop with thousands of options can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Thankfully, our seasoned industry experts have the intel on different types of glass pipes, wraps and vaporizers.

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Rolling Down The Road: The History of Tobacco and Rolling Papers

Frequent visitors of head shops like 710 Pipes tend to appreciate our mainstays, such as pipes, hookah products and rolling papers. While the love of smoking products permeates popular culture, very few of us are versed in the origins of the staples we rely upon today. We’ve reached deep into the past this week, exploring the respective journeys of tobacco and rolling papers to the popular forms we know and love.

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Roadmap to the Right Wrap: Comparing Rolling Paper Materials

Here at 710pipes, we offer every type of smoking product. With JUULs and other vaporizers, pipes and water pipes, hookahs and much more, you’ll find everything you’re looking for at our Denver or Northglenn smoke shops. While our long-lasting, quality glassware is the best bet for most customers, some may only be looking to drop a little pocket change, or to enjoy a weekend in the 303 without bringing home paraphernalia. And for that, we’ve still got you covered with a wide variety of rolling papers. While papers tend to be pretty similar in shape, size and pricing, there are important distinctions between packs that significantly impact your smoking experience. Below, we’ll break down the upsides and downsides to several popular rolling paper materials, to help you find the perfect papers for you.

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Tell Joints Apart From Spliffs and Blunts – and Roll One Perfectly

Here at 710 Pipes, we have every imaginable smoking device and accessory – from heady glass bongs and dab rigs to carb caps and quartz bangers. Our Northglenn and Denver smoke shops (on Colfax and near D.U.) are packed with hundreds of quality vaporizers, pipes, water pipes, hookahs and so much more. Still, sometimes it’s refreshing to go back to basics by rolling up a little paper. We recently reviewed the different types of rolling papers and the biggest advantages of each. But once you’ve bought your papers – then what? There are three basic categories of rolled cannabis: spliffs, joints, and blunts. Even the newest cannabis smoker on the block has usually heard these names dropped in passing, but the divisions between the three groups can get a little hazey. First, we’ll go over the basics of each category, and the pros and cons to each type. Then, follow our seasoned smoke shop expert’s step-by-step instructions to roll the perfect joint.

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