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Become a Master of These Vape Tricks

When Bilbo sits down with Gandalf at the start of The Fellowship of the Ring one of the first things they do is create some pipe smoke magic together. In this post, the team at the 710 Pipes vape shop in Denver will go over some nifty vape tricks that will enable you to become the Gandalf of your inner circle.

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Common Dry Herb Vaporizer Problems – and How to Fix Them

Over the past ten years, the number and variety of dry herb vaporizers has exploded. Here at our Denver vape shop, we’ve witnessed the surge in interest first-hand and its sometimes hard to believe. Of course, with any new technology come issues and questions. And dry herb vapes are no exception. A lot of the questions we field from customers have to do with fixing a vape that has broken down or is simply not performing as expected. Below, we’ll get into the details of how to fix common problems associated with a dry herb vaporizer.

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Make Vaporizer Weed Last Longer With These Five Tips

It doesn’t matter what kind of salary you make: good herb is not cheap. With an ounce of Blue Dream hovering around $200 in Denver these days and an ounce of OG Kush costing more than $300 you want to make sure you get the most out of every bud. And that’s exactly what the team at 710 Pipes vape shop is here to do: provide you with five tips that will enable you to make your vape weed last a bit longer. So let’s get to it.

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Switching from Smoking to Vaping? Five Tips to Keep In Mind

Whether it’s used as a method of entertainment or to help manage common health conditions, smoking weed has made an indelible impression on the culture. But one aspect of cannabis consumption has always been a bit problematic: of course, we’re talking about the whole “smoking” thing. The best way to avoid the pitfalls of smoking herb is to switch to dry herb vaping. So with that in mind the team at the 710 Pipes vape shop present six things you should be aware of if you’re contemplating switching from smoking to vaping.

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Five Ways to Improve Your Vaping Experience

People all over the world are catching on to the joys of dry herb vaping. And why not? Vaping provides several easy-to-quantify advantages over smoking weed that make it a common sense alternative for those who are health conscious, or who just want to have a more satisfying experience.

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Vaping Etiquette: What You Need to Know

There is a mountain of scientific evidence confirming that dry vaping of herbs does not pose an existential health hazard either to the vaper or to others. But, while those of us at the 710 Pipes vape shop in Denver might understand that, and most of our customers understand that, there is still a significant portion of the population who are either woefully misinformed about vaping, are opposed to any type of cannabis use, or are wary of any activity that even remotely resembles smoking.

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Extending Your Vaporizer’s Battery Life

In spite of significant headwinds created by the anti-smoking lobby vaping has taken off worldwide. That’s because people understand it’s safe and relaxing and affordable and doesn’t subject those around you to dangerous smoke. But as vaporizers have become more popular those of us at the 710 Pipes vape shop in Denver are getting ever more inquiries about the batteries on these devices. And those questions typically go like this: “Why did my battery die so fast?”

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Seven Recent Vaping Technology Advancements

Here in the 21st century, technological change happens at breakneck speed. As soon as we figure out this or that device the technology is either upgraded or replaced entirely by some new technology (think of how streaming services killed DVD rentals). Vaping technology is no different. It seems just about every year now there is some new piece of vaping kit that takes center stage, making the practice more convenient and effective. In this post, the team at the 710 Pipes vape shop in Denver will look at recent advances in vaping technology.

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Vaping Weed and Temperature: What Heat Level is Best?

If you want to start a lively discussion among your peers at the vape shop in Denver just ask them what is the optimal temperature at which to vape weed. Opinions will start flying in every direction with preferred temperatures ranging from 320 degrees (F) to nearly 450 degrees. But who is right in such a case? Well, to a certain extent they all are, because the different temperatures tend to produce different effects and not everyone is after the same effects when they vape weed.

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Convection Vapes vs. Conduction Vapes: Which Type is Best?

It’s well known that vaping your weed is healthier than smoking your weed. Which type of vaporizer should you choose: a conduction vaporizer or a convection vaporizer? Both types of vapes are wildly popular and both have their advantages and disadvantages. In this guide, the team at your favorite vape shop in Denver are going to take a close look at both vaporizers, explain the differences between them and hopefully provide you with enough useful information to make an informed choice.

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A Smoke Shop’s Disposable Vape Guide for Parents

Identifying “Disposable Vape” Devices

Common shape of a disposable vape
Part of 710 Pipes VapeID program to help prevent youth access to nicotine products.
Thank you for taking the time to learn about what flavored vape products are on the market. We sincerely hope this parenting guide to vaping will help people make informed decisions. We are update this page as often as possible and strive to be the most up to date resource for parents wanting to know about vaping equipment. For other new examples, periodically visit our disposable vapes page.

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Transitioning from Smoking Herb to Vaporizing It

So some of your friends have started to buy vaporizers. Or maybe you’ve heard through the grapevine that they have loads of benefits over smoking.

Whether you’re questioning the safety of putting so much smoke in your lungs or you want to save money, it’s time to make the switch.

But even when you want to do something, it can be hard to build up the motivation to actually do it. And don’t stoners know that better than anyone else!

Lucky for you, we’ve put together some tips on how to have a smooth transition from smoking to vaporizing. Head over to your favorite vape shop to start your journey!

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How to Clean Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizers are pieces of equipment. And like all pieces of equipment, they need to be properly maintained in order to do their job the way they were designed to. If you’ve had one for a while, or just brought one home from the vape shop and are wondering about how you keep vaporizer devices clean, fear not. We put our heads together and came up with the following guide that will remove all the mystery and trepidation from cleaning your dry herb vaporizer.

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Dry Herb Vaping for Beginners: A Short Guide

If vaping is new to you and you have questions about vaporizers or dry herb vaping then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to go over the specifics of what a dry herb vaporizer is, how it works and its many benefits. Read this before you go searching for a “vape shop near me”.

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The Denver Flavor Ban: What You Need To know

Update – July 2023: For up-to-date information on vaporizer-related policies in Denver and statewide, please visit the Public Health Law Center’s guide to Colorado e-cigarette regulations.

After years of advocacy by City Council Members and large organizations such as the American Heart Association, Denver City Council Members are now pushing for a ban on the sale of Flavored Nicotine Products, joining other cities around Colorado, like Aspen and Boulder. What comes next?

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How to Properly Store Your Vape Juice

Whether you’re a vaping vet or an absolute beginner there’s one issue you can’t ignore: how to keep your vape juice fresh and enjoyable. Vape juice is pretty simple stuff, typically comprised of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, some type of flavoring (either natural or artificial) and, in some cases, nicotine.

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Ten Vape Juice Flavors That You Probably Haven’t Tried

Updated on September 22nd 2023

According to a 2022 survey by the Food and Drug Administration, nearly 85% of vaporizer users prefer flavored e-cigarettes to unflavored alternatives. This overwhelming majority didn’t go unnoticed – leading vape manufacturers and vape shops alike are continually working to provide customers with new and innovative ejuice options. In short, they’ve been able to reproduce just about every you can imagine in a break-neck effort to win over the most loyal buyers possible. That being said, there are probably several flavors and brands you haven’t tried at your local vape shop.

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23 Fast Facts About Vaping From Our Vape Shop Team

Vaporizer use has gradually increased in popularity throughout the past decade. With more and more of our peers choosing to purchase disposable vaporizers each year, it’s natural to be curious about the increasingly popular habit. 710 Pipes has crunched the numbers on e-cigarette use and put together a guide to the latest statistics on vaporizer use in the United States and worldwide. Explore the top reasons for vaping, money spent on vape products, the makeup of vape users and more in the fast facts our vape shop team has compiled below.

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New Dry Herb Vaporizer? Here’s How to Use It

There’s no shortage of dry herb vaporizers on the market today. If you stop by our Denver or Northglenn head shop locations, or browse our online smoke shop’s selection, you’ll find top-quality models from Pax, Storz and Bickel, Dr. Dabber and other leading brands. With such a wide range of vaporizers available for sale, you can easily find the perfect option for your unique preferences on size, shape, heat settings and more. While the selection of dry herb vaporizers is extensive, most devices are strikingly similar in the way they function. If you’re new to the smoke shop scene – or just to this method of consuming your favorite herb – follow these steps to properly load and enjoy your dry herb vaporizer.

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Top Eight Reasons to Switch to Vaping

Vaporizers debuted on the market in 2003 and have gradually increased in popularity since their introduction. Today, vaporizers have become a popular commodity throughout the nation and abroad. Millions of former cigarette smokers have made the switch to vaporizer devices, citing a variety of reasons for their change. However, when asked about the favorite attributes that vape pens have to offer, a few popular selling points emerge. Today’s article brings you the eight biggest reasons to consider making the switch from cigarettes to vaporizers yourself.

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Vape Shops Can’t Keep The Pax JUUL In Stock and Why E-cigarettes Rule

The modern electronic cigarette was invented in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik and has swept the world by storm. Some readers might recall the barrage of negative press that followed its introduction. The FDA warned that we didn’t know the long-term effects of the new product: but after a decade and a half, e-cigarettes only continue to rise in popularity.

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Choosing the Right Type of Vaporizer For You

Updated on April 28th 2023

Have you been thinking about getting a vaporizer for your tobacco products? Maybe you’re trying to quit smoking and want to find a better solution for your nicotine fix. Maybe you’re tired of the stigma that’s been put on cigarettes and want to find a more healthier solution. Switching to a vaporizer versus cigarettes can also be a financial decision, with so many taxes placed on cigarettes the cost can be up to $10 a day; switching to a vaporizer can cut your yearly spending by nearly a third.

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Inaugural Post

Hello! Welcome to the very first post on the 710 Pipes blog! We’re excited to be bringing you weekly content and updates concerning the smoke shop industry, Colorado legal marijuana regulations, new vaporizers, innovative smoking products, and all the latest news and designs by the nation’s biggest glass artists. We hope that you find this a reliable resource for the Colorado headshop a counter culture industry which are at the forefront of change and innovation nationally.

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