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Ten Vape Juice Flavors That You Probably Haven’t Tried

Updated on September 22nd 2023

According to a 2022 survey by the Food and Drug Administration, nearly 85% of vaporizer users prefer flavored e-cigarettes to unflavored alternatives. This overwhelming majority didn’t go unnoticed – leading vape manufacturers and vape shops alike are continually working to provide customers with new and innovative ejuice options. In short, they’ve been able to reproduce just about every you can imagine in a break-neck effort to win over the most loyal buyers possible. That being said, there are probably several flavors and brands you haven’t tried at your local vape shop.

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Nine Best Reasons to Burn Incense

Freshens The Air In Your Home
Perhaps the most obvious benefit of incense is its pleasing aroma. Incense is a great way freshen the air in your home. While some flavors are more understated, others pack a bigger punch. If you’re looking to cover something unsavory, or mask the output of a freshly-used water pipe, stronger scents like cinnamon may be best. If you’re looking for a little lift to your household vibe, something subtle may be best for you. It may take a little experimenting to find your perfect fit. We have tons of affordable options at our Denver and Northglenn smoke shops to get you started.

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Incense Across the Globe

What is Incense?

The word “incense” is derived from the Latin word “incendere,” meaning “to burn.” And for several millenniums of human history, we’ve done just that. “Incense” refers to a specific bound material which is burned to produce a number of rich fragrances, and not the fragrance itself. While our modern definition is rather narrow, many experts believe that other flavorful items like cedars, berries and roots have been burned throughout human history to produce the same effects. Like anything that’s withstood the test of time, the use of incense has evolved and improved over its many millenniums of history. Better yet, you can pick some up at 710Pipes’ Denver or Northglenn smoke shops and burn an homage to that rich history tonight. Below we’ll explore the most fascinating aspects of incense’s history and its uses across the globe.

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The Perks of Percs: Modern Bong Design

Updated on July 19th 2023

As cannabis legalization continues to sweep the US and the world by storm, a surrounding market for ways to consume cannabis has continued to emerge from the woodwork of the underground and underappreciated, and into the spotlight of mainstream marketing. As a result, a surprising number of innovative new devices continue to appear in the realm of water pipe designs. It’s pretty sweet.

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Vape Shops Can’t Keep The Pax JUUL In Stock and Why E-cigarettes Rule

The modern electronic cigarette was invented in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik and has swept the world by storm. Some readers might recall the barrage of negative press that followed its introduction. The FDA warned that we didn’t know the long-term effects of the new product: but after a decade and a half, e-cigarettes only continue to rise in popularity.

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Choosing the Right Type of Vaporizer For You

Updated on April 28th 2023

Have you been thinking about getting a vaporizer for your tobacco products? Maybe you’re trying to quit smoking and want to find a better solution for your nicotine fix. Maybe you’re tired of the stigma that’s been put on cigarettes and want to find a more healthier solution. Switching to a vaporizer versus cigarettes can also be a financial decision, with so many taxes placed on cigarettes the cost can be up to $10 a day; switching to a vaporizer can cut your yearly spending by nearly a third.

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Want to Try a Glass Pipe?

Whether you’re a first time cannabis smoker or a long time toker, the age old question stands; which method should I use to burn the herb today? There are smart rigs, traditional dab rigs, water pipes, papers, vaporizers, handheld pipes, and the selection goes on and on. With so many options available, the quest may seem a little daunting. Explore the essentials of glass handheld pipes in the following smoke shop guide.

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