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Is Vaping a Better Alternative to Smoking?

The joint is an iconic symbol of cannabis consumption and is the most widely used method of delivery worldwide. In fact, it’s not even close. But are joints really the best way to enjoy weed or is there a better way? Do vaporizers, for instance, produce a better buzz and are they better for your overall health?

Because marijuana is a natural product that does not contain the carcinogens and noxious chemicals added to cigarette tobacco it poses a much smaller risk to one’s health than smoking. Smaller, but not non-existent. You’re still breathing smoke into your lungs which, no matter how you spin it, is not an ideal situation.

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Denver Flavor Ban: UPDATE

The Denver Flavor Ban Update
The Denver City Council met on Wednesday, October 6th 2021 to discuss the implementation of a flavored nicotine ban in the city and county of Denver. The meeting was full of heated discussion from both proponents and opponents of the measure. So, what’s next? Should we expect flavored nicotine products such as e-liquids, disposable vapes, and flavored cigarillos to disappear from the market? We’ve compiled the facts so you don’t have to! Read on the find out more.

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A Short History of the Herb Vaporizer

Vaping is associated with the 21st century to almost the same degree as digital technology. It’s a thoroughly modern phenomenon made possible by various subtle technological advances and anyone who tells you otherwise is just blowing vape clouds up your you-know-what. Or are they?

Most anyone you ask in your local vape shop will be happy to tell you that the whole vape thing is a response to the rise of contemporary cannabis culture. But the truth is vaping has been with us for thousands of years. That doesn’t mean that the ancients had contemporary-looking vaporizers, but rather that they understood and practiced the art of vaporizing using a variety of low-tech methods.

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The Denver Flavor Ban: What You Need To know

After years of advocacy by City Council Members and large organizations such as the American Heart Association, Denver City Council Members are now pushing for a ban on the sale of Flavored Nicotine Products, joining other cities around Colorado, like Aspen and Boulder. What comes next?

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How To Pick The Best Grinder

Picture this: You’re browsing our Online Smoke Shop, looking for a new grinder. With all of the options available, which do you choose? Should you go all out for a Santa Cruz Shredder? Maybe just a $5 acrylic grinder? What size do you need? Read on and rest easy. We’ve done the research, and are here to provide you with all of the knowledge you need to pick your 1st (or last) grinder!

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New Dry Herb Vaporizer? Here’s How to Use It

There’s no shortage of dry herb vaporizers on the market today. If you stop by our Denver or Northglenn head shop locations, or browse our online smoke shop’s selection, you’ll find top-quality models from Pax, Storz and Bickel, Dr. Dabber and other leading brands. With such a wide range of vaporizers available for sale, you can easily find the perfect option for your unique preferences on size, shape, heat settings and more. While the selection of dry herb vaporizers is extensive, most devices are strikingly similar in the way they function. If you’re new to the smoke shop scene – or just to this method of consuming your favorite herb – follow these steps to properly load and enjoy your dry herb vaporizer.

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Four Ways to Keep Your Bongs from Breaking

Little can compare to the undying love a cannabis smoker has for their favorite bong. Some stay loyal to the very first piece they purchase, enjoying the rush of memories bubbling up with every hit. Others give their heart to their top-shelf piece, won over by its impressive impact, unusually smooth hits, or intricate design. Regardless, we’ll all do whatever we can to extend the years we share with our favorite pieces and to keep them safe from harm. Water pipes and other heady glass smoking devices can unfortunately be damaged quite easily, or even shattered beyond repair, from a single fall to the floor. How can we keep our favorite bongs – and our stoner hearts – from breaking? The following four practices can go a long way toward keeping water pipes safe from harm.

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710 Pipes Studios – Live Glass Blowing

710 Pipes Studios is the latest addition to the 710 Pipes family. Featured at our Northglenn, CO smoke shop location, 710 Pipes Studios sits adjacent to the sales floor with large glass windows for public viewing. Our resident artist, HoneyBadgerGlassworx, is on the torch Wednesday – Sunday crafting hand pipes, dab rigs, accessories and more. Local artists are always welcome and are featured in demonstrations depending on availability, so be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram page @710Pipes for updates on the schedule. Check out the pictures below for a peak inside of the studio!

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Glass Blowing 101: All Of The Terms You Need To Know

Glass blowing is, and always will be, considered a true art form. Glass is an incredibly versatile material, and can be formed for nearly any function imaginable– especially when in the hands of an experienced glass blower. For a beginner, learning the terminology is usually task #1 to becoming a reputable artist. Read more below for a rundown from our smoke shop team on all of the terms you need to know!

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Four Effective Filtration Methods for Better Bong Hits

Even on the best of days, we’re only human. The need to occasionally clear our throats or cough when they get irritated wouldn’t usually make most of us think twice. However, with flu season 2020 rapidly descending and the second wave of an unprecedented global pandemic steadily rising in its impact, a cough or two can be enough to make us panic – if only for a second or two. Regular consumers of legal herb may have made peace with the “smoker’s cough” some time ago, but even minor extra throat sounds can make fellow grocery shoppers shoot daggers from their six-foot distance and lurch backwards lest we have the plague.

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